Event Corporeal Mime Theatre Classes 1980
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Venue Corporeal-Mime Theatre Studio@Eliz.St, Sydney, NSW
First Date 18 February 1980
Last Date 6 November 1980
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere Yes
Description First full year of CM studio teaching. 5 terms of study: Feb18-Mar13; Mar 31-May 15; May 26-July 10; Jul 28-Sept 11; Sept 22-Nov 6. Group A: 10hrs /wk, mornings; Gp B: 5 hrs/wk evenings. Studies were followed by MIME SPECTRUM with the students in the Sydney Festival.
Material included: the mime-actor portraying physical labour and sport; Mobile Statuary; portraying the senses, appetites, wits, and states of being; and a strategy to portray many character-types.
Description Source Production Company
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Corporeal Theatre
Name Function Notes
Elisabeth Burke Teacher
Pierre Thibaudeau Teacher
Further Information Sydney Corporeal-Mime Theatre became Entr’acte Theatre Ltd in 1982. Teaching files include details of company voice workshops given by David Ritchie (McQ Uni) and by Christopher John.
Data Source
Source Description
Entr'acte Archives C020/EPT03
CV EB&PT long CV-unedited, Entr’acte Archives, EPT02
Entr'acte Archives EPT01: Publicity. Hand-written Teaching Lists, Nomenclature, Improvisations, Voice and warmups 1979-99. EPT02: Voice workshops, Typed (2019) lists from originals (especially file CorMim4), workshop games (1979-2001).
Event Identifier 145030