Contributor Jo Carter
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Gender Unknown
Functions Musical Director

Assistant Director




Musical Director

Max Mastrosavas - Director

Eugene Minge - Actor, Lighting Designer

Kathy Alley - Stage Manager

Pennly Attwood - Actor

Tina Bell - Stage Manager

Vanessa Benger - Actor and Singer

Carolyn Bishop - Choreographer

Melinda Boston - Production Manager

Susan Burford - Actor

Nina Campbell - Actor

Elena Carapetis - Costume Assistant, Set Designer

Alex Champion - Set Designer

Michelle Clark - Actor

Andrew Close - Actor and Singer

David Cox - Assistant Designer

Julie d'Lima - Musician, Actor

Grahame Dudley - Musical Arranger

Avril Fennell - Actor

Carolyn Ferrie - Actor

John Foley - Actor

Jacqueline Forster - Actor and Singer

Leesa French - Assistant Director

Holly Gardner - Lighting Designer

Louise Gerard - Costume Assistant

Mary Geyer - Actor

Lillian Girardi - Actor

Dominique Glyde - Actor

Tracy Grady - Make-up Artist

Donna Groth - Actor

Meredith Gunthorpe - Musical Director, Composer, Musician, Musical Arranger

Mary-Anne Haddad - Actor

Jacqueline Handley - Actor and Singer

Alan Hayward - Set Designer

Cathy Hill - Assistant Director

Charlie Hill-Smith - Actor

Helen James - Actor

Haley Jones - Costume Assistant

Kelli Jones - Costume Assistant

George Karzis - Actor

Justine Kelly - Costume Assistant

Diana Kempe - Costume Assistant

Sarah Knaggs - Actor

Sara Lambert - Actor and Singer

Daniel Lawrence - Musician

Julie Letch - Actor

Mary Lewis - Actor

Anna Longmire - Choreographer, Actor

Graham Lugsden - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Michelle Malone - Actor

Catriona Martin - Musician

Emma McEwin - Set Designer

Gordon McPherson - Actor and Singer

Sophie Meagher - Musician, Actor

Philippa Milroy - Actor

Karen Nibbs - Actor

Dwina Noesbar - Make-up Artist, Assistant Stage Manager, Assistant Director

Carmel Noonan - Actor

Jayne Paramor - Lighting Designer

Phillip Parslow - Actor

Deborah Peake-Jones - Actor and Singer

Anne-Marie Peard - Actor

Danny Persse - Actor, Musician

Irene Petrovs - Set Designer

Scott Rice - Musician

Alison Roberts - Actor

Rupert Robertson - Actor and Singer

Ben Rogers - Actor

Jane Sansom - Actor

Basil Schild - Actor

Anthony Schultz - Actor

Tricia Spence - Musical Director, Musician, Musical Arranger

John Spurling - Playwright

Donna Steven - Actor

Vladimir Thune - Actor

Fran Tonkiss - Actor

Peter Townsend - Mime

Megan Verity - Actor

Craig Weatherill - Musician, Actor

Bianca Willems - Musician

Adelaide University Centre for the Performing Arts

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

University of Adelaide Drama Students

Identifier 422834