Contributor Mancell Kirby
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Gender Unknown
Functions Musician, Harpsichordist
Notes Harpsichord player



Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Harold Fairhurst - Violinist, Orchestral Leader

Jean-Phillipe Rameau - Composer

Johann Christian Bach - Composer

John Blow - Composer

Willam Byrd - Composer

George Frideric Handel - Composer

John Horner - Conductor, Organist

James Whitehead - Cellist, Piccoloist

Nora Whitehead - Musician, Violist

Max Worthley - Singer, Tenor

David Bishop - Cellist

John Bishop - Conductor

Trevor Brogan - Singer

John Bull - Composer

Thomas Campion - Composer

James Christiansen - Conductor

Fran├žois Couperin - Composer

Louis Couperin - Composer

David Cubbin - Flautist

Martin Darsow - Conductor

Lloyd Davies - Violinist

Jacques Champion de Chambonnieres - Composer

John Dowland - Composer

James Duncan - Flautist

Marie Fidock - Singer

Lorna Fletcher - Singer

Johann Froberger - Composer

Orlando Gibbons - Composer

John Good - Bassoonist

Thomas Greaves - Composer

William Harris - Singer

John Jaensch - Singer

Robert Johnson - Composer

Kevin Kitto - Baritone

Johann Kuhnau - Composer

Peter Martin - Tenor

Harold S Parsons - Cellist

Martin Peerson - Composer

J V Peters - Organist, Choir Master/Mistress

Geoff Pfeiffer - Singer

Brian Porter - Violinist

Noel Post - Oboist

David Powell - Violist

Henry Purcell - Composer

Phillip Rosseter - Composer

Domenico Scarlatti - Composer

Nicholas Strogers - Composer

Lloyd Vick - Composer

Thomas Weelkes - Composer

Keith Yelland - Flautist

Adelaide University

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

The Lydian Singers

The University of Adelaide Music Society

Bohemian Choir

French and Italian Schools of the 17th and 18th centuries

Lutheran Singers

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The University Madrigal Society

The University of Adelaide Bach Choir

This Is Not Art

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