Contributor Mary Genty
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Other Names Mary Underwood
Gender Male
Nationality English
Functions Choreographer, Costume Designer, Dancer, Puppeteer
Notes Married to puppeteer Philippe Genty, and also known as Mary Underwood.


Costume Designer

Puppet Designer


Philippe Genty - Director, Creator, Devisor

Alain Clement - Puppeteer

Catherine Goffinet - Puppeteer

Patrick Henniquau - Puppeteer

Agnes Neel - Puppeteer

Georges Prigent - Stage Manager

Thierry Doleans - Puppeteer

Jean-Louis Heckel - Puppeteer

Patrick Lecoq - Stage Manager

Compagnie Philippe Genty

Adelaide Festival Centre Trust

The Arts Council of Australia (South Australian Division)

Paul Dainty

Queensland Arts Council

Tasmanian Theatre Company

Victorian Arts Centre Trust

Canberra Theatre Trust

Sydney Opera House Trust

Victorian Arts Council

Arts Council of South Australia

CTC Channel 7 (Canberra)

Queensland Performing Arts Trust

Identifier 405252