Organisation Australian Broadcasting Company
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Other Names
Radio 2FC
Radio 2BL
Address NSW Australia
First Date July 1929
Last Date June 1932
Functions Presenting Company
Notes Company formed in 1929 by Fullers, Alberts and Union Theatres to take over a run the A class licence stations under contract to the Federal Government. Folded in 1932 when te Government established the Australian Braodcasting Commission.
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Radio 2FC

A. B. C. Players

ABC Studio Orchestra

Radio 3LO

Sydney University Dramatic Society (SUDS)

Radio 2FC Little Theatre, Sydney, NSW

ABC Radio, Sydney - Market Street Studios, Sydney, NSW

Radio 3LO Studio - Russell Street, Melbourne, VIC

Laurence Halbert - Producer

May Hollinworth - Actor

John Pickard - Playwright, Actor

Ronald Andrews - Actor

Marjorie Annan - Actor

Frank D. Clewlow - Producer

Bernard Cronin - Scriptwriter

  • One Night, ABC Radio, Sydney - Market Street Studios, Sydney, NSW, 4 May 1932

James J. Donnelly - Actor

Brunton Gibb - Actor

Bert Gilbert - Actor

Gordon Ireland - Scriptwriter

Herbert Leigh - Actor

Walter Martin - Actor

Phyllis McGrath - Actor

Ellis Price - Actor

E. J. Roberts - Musical Director

Mimi Spaull - Actor

Nancye Stewart - Actor

J E Harold Terry - Playwright

Wilfred Thomas - Scriptwriter

Lechmere Worrall - Playwright

Organisation Identifier 41025