Organisation Sorlie's Revue
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Other Names
Sorlies, Sorlie's Tent Show, Sorlie's Musical Revue
Address NSW Australia
Functions Presenting Company, Production Company
Notes Led by George Sorlie from 1917 to 1945, toured variety, revue and tent shows, to country towns in New South Wales and Queensland. Revived in 1949 by widow, Grace Sorlie and Bobby Le Brun, ceased 1961.

Charles Sleet Orchestra

Cusko's Circus

Leo Bassi and June

Margaret and Maurice

The Canine Wonder

The Flying Warrens

  • Sorlies, The Causeway, Kingston, ACT, 7 October 1953

The Merenos

The Sadler Twins

The Three Brittons

  • Sorlies, The Causeway, Kingston, ACT, 7 October 1953

The Two Randows

Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW

Near the Civic Centre, Canberra, ACT

Near the Turf Oval, Broken Hill, NSW

The Causeway, Kingston, ACT

Bobby Le Brun - Comedian, Producer, Performer, Gender Cross-dresser

Neil O'Brien - Singer, Comedian

Gracie Boyd - Singer

- Clarissa - Circus Style Performer

Frank Cleary - Circus Style Performer

Gloria Dawn - Singer

Chung Doo - Tenor

Ernie Kelroy - Circus Style Performer

Ivy Kelroy - Circus Style Performer

Joan Kelroy - Circus Style Performer

Tommy Richard - Singer

Royston - Ventriloquist

Grace Sorlie - Producer

- Valento - Circus Style Performer

June - Circus Style Performer

Robyn - Contortionist

Marie Armstrong - Singer

Leo Bassi - Circus Style Performer

Doreen Buckland - Performer

Peter Colville - Comedian

Peter Crago - Contortionist

June Daunt - Saxophonist

  • Sorlies, The Causeway, Kingston, ACT, 7 October 1953

Maurie Fields - Singer

Vic Gordon - Comedian

Lucky Grills - Comedian

Vikki Hammond - Performer

Jenny Howard - Comedian

  • Sorlies, The Causeway, Kingston, ACT, 7 October 1953

Val Jellay - Ballet Master/Mistress

Nellie Kolle - Performer

Hal Lennon - Producer, Comedian

Gene Pingitore - Musician

Peter the Cockatoo - Performing Animal

Organisation Identifier 30065