Event John Bishop Memorial Concert
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Venue Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide, SA
Umbrella Event Adelaide Festival of Arts
First Date 7 March 1982
Dates Estimated No
Status Amateur
World Premiere No
Description Memorial concert for John Bishop, Elder Professor of Music from 1948 - 1964. Commissioned every second year, a substantial original composition for performance.
"This years's concert revived Richard Meale's Exteriors / Interiors (1970) and presented the 1982 commission, Riverrun, by Grame Koehne, an Elder Conservatoriium graduate of 1978."
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Theatre - Spoken Word
Name Function Notes
Robert Dawe Baritone
John Foster Bassist Double Bassist
B Goffin Bassist Double Bassist
V Rebov Bassist
L Searle Bassist
H Brook Bassoonist
J Deer Bassoonist
V Jacube Bassoonist
A Anthony Cellist
Jacqueline Curiel Cellist
R Meegan Cellist
R Penny Cellist
Jodi Phillis Cellist
B Tupper Cellist
Bruno Turrini Cellist
M Beare Clarinetist
I King Clarinetist
N. Sabin Clarinetist
David Shephard Clarinetist Bass Clarinetist
Don Banks Composer
Graeme Koehne Composer
Richard Meale Composer
Myer Fredman Conductor
Zdenek Bruderhans Flautist Piccoloist
Joanna Newsom Flautist
Marianne Permezel Flautist
T Whibley Flautist
C Boros Harpist
J Allen Hornist
K Finch Hornist
A Fraser Hornist
B Waters Hornist
S Webber Hornist
S Angley Oboist
P Dawe Oboist
B Stewart Oboist
A Badcock Percussionist
Bevan Bird Percussionist
Ian Clemworth Percussionist
I Cleworth Percussionist
Richard Smith Percussionist
Gregory Roberts Pianist
David Swale Pianist
Graham Williams Pianist
Cathy Weber Soprano
David Galliver Tenor
S Boyle Trombonist
E Clarkson Trombonist
M Couche Trombonist
A Couche Trumpeter Trumpeter
J Gould Trumpeter
W Heading Trumpeter
D Hood Trumpeter
P King Tubaist
D Bailey Violinist
Sarah Baldacchino Violinist
C Bottomley Violinist
D Breurer Violinist
S Campbell Violinist
C Chang Violinist
M Coopes Violinist
C. Cornish Violinist
Monique Curiel Violinist
S Currie Violinist
S Fleming Violinist
J Glonek Violinist
D Goodall Violinist
E Goodall Violinist
Ellie Greenwich Violinist
Eleanor Greenwood Violinist
Matthew Greenwood Violinist
J Halls Violinist
J Hudson Violinist
D Jacquillard Violinist
B Lea Violinist
T Lea Violinist
M Raptis Violinist
D Roes Violinist
J Sallis Violinist
A Smith Violinist
J Smith Violinist
J Tsien Violinist
R Westphalen Violinist
Ronald Woodcock Violinist
Andra Darzins Violist
Anne Rodda Violist
T Svilans Violist
S Williams Violist
Production Nationality Australia
Further Information A review is folded inside the programme. The programme contains some bibliographic material.
Data Source
Source Description
Programme University of Adelaide Library Theatre Collection
Review University of Adelaide Library Theatre Collection
Event Identifier 80262