Contributor FEMINIST
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Gender Female
Functions Performer


Annelise - Writer

Ava - Dancer

Celeste - Writer

Celia - Performer

Donna - Keyboardist, Singer, Performer

Henkish - Composer

Inni - Writer

Julie - Front of House

Lori - Performer


Radda - Performer

SADIE - Performer

Sandy - Photographer, Front of House, Designer

Sapho - Performer


Marilyn Arentz - Performer, Writer

Sheelagh Bryant - Performer, Costume Co-ordinator, Writer, Properties Master / Mistress

Megan Casey - Costume Co-ordinator, Writer, Properties Master / Mistress, Assistant Lighting Designer, Performer

Deborah Cheetham - Sound Designer, Pianist, Photographer, Flautist, Projectionist, Performer

Dawn Cohen - Writer, Performer

Jan Cornall - Writer

Penny Coyle - Front of House

Barbara David - Performer, Projectionist, Writer

Zohl de Ishtar - Assistant Stage Manager, Performer

Doris Dyke - Performer

Rose Giampietro - Assistant Stage Manager

Wendy Gordon - Costume Co-ordinator, Front of House, Properties Master / Mistress

Annique Gutteridge - Singer, Publicist, Performer, Writer

Jacqueline Hardy - Performer, Writer

Jude Henderson - Performer, Writer

Sherri Hilario - Lighting Designer, Stage Manager

Sue Lewis - Performer, Writer

Andrea Linwood - Writer, Performer

Kathy Melky - Writer, Performer

Thelonius Monk - Writer

Lindsay Monteath - Sound Operator/Engineer

Maureen Nash - Performer, Production Manager

Carole Ruthchild - Writer, Performer

Helen Sheehy - Writer, Performer, Production Manager

Penny Stewart - Performer

Vera The Visible Lesbian - Performer

Nancy Walker - Front of House, Performer

Bronwyn Winter - Director

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

The Performance Space

Witch Theatre

Identifier 513043