Contributor Florence Pong
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Gender Female
Functions Performer


Actor and Singer


Gregory Dempsey - Actor and Singer, Actor

John Germain - Actor and Singer, Actor

Stefan Haag - Director, Translator

Joy Mammen - Actor, Actor and Singer

Noel McCabe - Actor, Actor and Singer

Desmond Patterson - Actor and Singer, Actor

Joyce Simmons - Actor and Singer, Actor

Madge Stephens - Actor and Singer, Actor

Wilma Whitney - Actor, Actor and Singer

Anthony Fenech - Actor, Actor and Singer

Victor Franklin - Actor and Singer, Actor

Anne Fraser - Scenic Artist, Set Designer, Designer

Alan Light - Actor, Actor and Singer

Jacques Offenbach - Composer

John Bailey - Dancer

Jules Barbier - Librettist

Ian Burgis - Dancer

Pamela Coleman - Actor

Jozef Drewniak - Actor

Valerie Earl - Actor

Waverney Ford - Actor

Dorothy Hitch - Actor

Gordon Hutchings - Dancer

Louis Kahan - Costume Designer

Gwenda Kaires - Dancer

Rosalind Keene - Actor

Gayrie MacSween - Dancer

Murray Mardardy - Actor

Bettine McCaughan - Actor

Raymond McDonald - Actor, Actor and Singer

Gloria McDonall - Actor

Leo McKernan - Actor

Connel Miles - Dancer

Eva Nadas - Dancer

Peter North - Actor

Gwendell Oberg - Actor

Joseph Post - Musical Director

Ramona Ratas - Dancer

Gladys Raynor - Dancer

Janne Ross - Actor

Walter Rychtowski - Actor

John Sherwood - Dancer

Judith Staff - Actor

Georg Tintner - Conductor

Eleonore Treiber - Dancer, Choreographer

Elizabeth West - Actor

Verdon Williams - Musical Arranger

John Young - Actor and Singer

Gino Zancanaro - Actor

Wadi Youssef Ayoub - Actor

Ivor Bromley - Performer

Eric Clapham - Conductor

Nina Cooke - Singer

Philip Cope - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

John Dowey - Stage Manager

Neil Easton - Performer

Alan Ferris - Singer

Frants Folmer - Properties Master / Mistress

Anthony French - Actor and Singer

George Humphrey - Conductor

Margaret Lanigan - Actor

Margareth Lanningan - Actor

Franz Lehar - Composer

Ernest Llewellyn - Orchestral Leader

Richard Mooney - Assistant Stage Manager

Elsie Morison - Actor

Norman Parker - Head Mechanist

Ron Patten - Publicist

Mary Poxon - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Ivan Rixon - Musical Director

Pat Shaw - Hair Stylist

Bedřich Smetana - Composer

Will Thompson - Stage Manager

Ferdinand Togni - Actor

Ferdinand Tongi - Actor

Tim Walton - Designer

Neil Warren-Smith - Actor

Wesley Whalen - Performer

Max Worthley - Actor

Alex Young - Electrician

John Young - Actor

John Young - Actor

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Elizabethan Trust Opera Company

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Rudor Productions

South Australian Symphony Orchestra

The Elizabethan Opera Ballet Company

The Metropolitan Operetta Society of New South Wales

Identifier 235023