Organisation Frank, Lank and Alice
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Address [Unknown] Australia
Functions [Unknown]
Notes Boomerang throwers

Ben and John Fuller Limited

Charlene and Charlene

Cusko's Trained Monkeys and Dogs

Bijou Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Empire Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Palace Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Ella Airlie - Writer, Composer

- Bellora - Performer

Rosie Bowen - Choreographer

Peter Brooks - Actor

Vince Courtney - Actor

Dan Dunbar - Actor

Horace Mann - Actor

Daisy Merritt - Actor

Dot O'Dea - Choreographer

Nat Phillips - Actor, Writer, Producer

Belle Pollard - Actor

Roy Rene - Actor

Rosie Bowie - Actor

Caddy Franks - Actor

Walter Jackson - Actor

Essie Jennings - Actor

Cliff O'Keefe - Actor

Olive Pollard - Actor

Gracie Quine - Actor

Dorothy Cope - Actor

Organisation Identifier 31046