Event Kikia Te Poa (Kick the Boer)
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Venue Old Fitzroy Hotel Theatre, Woolloomooloo, NSW
Umbrella Event Blow It up Subscription Season 2006
First Date 6 September 2006
Opening Date 12 September 2006
Last Date 30 September 2006
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere No
Description South Africa at the turn of the century.
The Second Boer War has begun with New Zealand and Australia giving the British their support in the fight against the Boer Republic. It is the culmination of a long standing struggle for the control of South Africa.
Maori were not allowed to fight this "White man's war" but the New Zealand miltitary authorities turned a blind eye to the men with mixed blood if they had English surnames. John Walter Kellaway was one of these men who wrote a haka for the Kiwi troops called "Kikia Te Poa" (Kick the Boer).
John is determined to prove the Maori are wo
Description Source Flyer/Poster
Primary Genre Theatre - Spoken Word
Name Function Notes
Ben Borgia Actor
Pella Gregory Actor
Simon Hapea Actor
Brendan Heffernan Actor
Jamie Irvine Actor
Drayton Morley Actor
Robert Owens Actor
Anna Reece Actor
Matthew Saville Actor
Lee Lewis Director
Matthew Saville Playwright
Text Nationality New Zealand
Production Nationality Australia
Data Source
Source Description
Event Identifier 69244