Event The Blue Bird
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Venue Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA
First Date 11 December 1934
Dates Estimated Yes
Status Youth Theatre
World Premiere No
Description Playwright Maeterlinck says "The Blue Bird stands for Happiness, and the play depicts man's search for happiness..." An adaptation of Maeterlinck's play performed by the students of Heather Gell, LRAM' teacher of Dalcroze Eurythmics.
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Dance
Secondary Genre Movement-based Theatre
Name Function Notes
J S Rendall Administrator
Harold S Parsons Cellist
Thalia Allin Choir Master/Mistress
Kathleen Ashton Choir Master/Mistress
Johannes Brahms Composer
M Dalcroze Composer
Balfour Gardiner Composer
Edvard Grieg Composer
Gustav Holst Composer
Franz Liszt Composer
Norman O'Neill Composer
Franz Schubert Composer
Robert Schumann Composer
Jean Sibelius Composer
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Composer
Ludwig van Beethoven Composer
Heather Gell Dance Director
Fred Sawtell Flautist
Sylvia Whitington Orchestral Leader Violinist
Hore-Ruthven Patron
Lorraine Angus Performer
Nell Artlett Performer
John Baker Performer
Ken Barton Performer
Kester Baruch Performer
Phyllis Bickers Performer
Norris Bohlmann Performer
Peggy Brown Performer
Betty Buck Performer
Carlyn Campbell Performer
Noel Catt Performer
Judith Conrad Performer
Winifred Cornish Performer
Lesley Cox Performer
Judith Crase Performer
Shirley Crisp Performer
Keera Crozier Performer
Fee Cunningham Performer
Barbara Davidson Performer
Betty Davis Performer
Patricia Davis Performer
Heather Daw Performer
Peggy Dickinson Performer
Betty Donchue Performer
Phyllis Drummond Performer
Judith Duncan Performer
Esther Fisher Performer
Virginia Flint Performer
Joan Foster Performer
Gillian Fry Performer
Wanda Furness Performer
Douglas Gawler Performer
Margaret Gell Performer
Mary Gell Performer
Janice Gordon Performer
Mary Gransbury Performer
Judith Grasby Performer
Karlien Grasby Performer
Peggy Grasby Performer
Pamela Grey Performer
Ann Gunson Performer
Evan Hallett Performer
Barbara Hardy Performer
Alan Harkness Performer
Pauline Hartshorne Performer
Anne Haslam Performer
Jean Hitchcox Performer
Juliet Howard Performer
Valerie Hummel Performer
Margaret Keeves Performer
Helen Kinnear Performer
Kathleen Knowles Performer
Anne Lewis Performer
Lena Mars Performer
Sheila Martin Performer
Edna Mason Performer
Peggy Mason Performer
Tony McEwen Performer
Cynthia Miller Performer
Leonore Molony Performer
Joan Newmann Performer
Helen Parsons Performer
Margaret Pennells Performer
Margaret Phillips Performer
George Remnant Performer
Valerie Roach Performer
Barbara Roake Performer
Aileen Roberts Performer
Irma Sanders Performer
Margaret Sandford Performer
Zana Shearing Performer
Bunty Shortt Performer
Shirley Smith Performer
Ada Stephens Performer
Shirley Stevens Performer
Geraldine Thomas Performer
Iris Thomas Performer
Jack Thomas Performer
Thelma Thomas Performer
Pauline Tolley Performer
Judith Torode Performer
Helen Trott Performer
Janet Trott Performer
Ninette Trott Performer
Margaret Virgint Performer
Margaret Wadlow Performer
Margaret Walsh Performer
Margaret Waugh Performer
John West Performer
Rosemary West Performer
Jean White Performer
Phyllis White Performer
Helen Williamson Performer
Margaret Williamson Performer
Lucy Willoughby Performer
Pamela Winnall Performer
David Wood Performer
Margaret Young Performer
Horace Perkins Pianist
Maurice Maeterlinck Playwright Composer
Ray Walsh Stage Manager
Fred Le Cornu Timpanist
Phyllis Chappell Violinist
Clarice Gmeiner Violinist
George Hooker Violinist
Further Information All performers students of Dalcroze Eurythmics
Data Source
Source Description
Programme Barr Smith Special Collections
Event Identifier 131239