Contributor Pavlos Soteriou
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Gender Male
Functions Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Alistair Brasted - Actor and Singer

Catherine Campbell - Actor and Singer

Gabrielle Carter - Musician

Gina Chadderton - Musician

Richard Chew - Conductor

Peter Deane - Actor and Singer

Louise Dunn - Designer

Orlando Gough - Composer

Phillip Griffin - Assistant Musical Director

Jayne Hewetson - Actor and Singer

Annika Hooper - Actor and Singer

Robert Macfarlane - Actor and Singer

Joanna McWaters - Actor and Singer

Nic Mollison - Lighting Designer

Paddy Montgomery - Musician

Emma O'Neill - Production Manager

Bortier Okoe - Musician

Cheryl Pickering - Director

Andy Turner - Actor and Singer

Kate Wyatt - Actor and Singer

Big Country Clare

Harmony of Hearts and Minds

Refugee Services SA

The Adelaide Harmony Choir

The State Opera of South Australia

Tutti Ensemble


Identifier 513871