Organisation The Uzbec Philharmonic Orchestra
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Address [Unknown] Russia
Functions Production Company

Aztec Services Pty Ltd

Edgley and Dawe Attractions Pty Ltd


J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Moscow State Puppet Theatre

The Bolshoi Ballet

The Leningrad Conservatorium and Variety Theatre

The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra

The Moscow Stanislavsky Theatre Opera Company

The Moscow State Variety Theatre Company

The Moscow Variety and State Circus

The Moscow Variety Theatre

The Novosibrsk State Theatre

The Tashkent State Ballet

The Tbilsky State Opera

The Ural Choir Dance Group

Tomsk State Circus and Philharmonic Group

Trio of Bandour Players and Singers

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Organisation Identifier 31692