Event Excess Baggage
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Venue La Mama, Carlton, VIC
Umbrella Event Women Writers at La Mama
First Date 4 June 1992
Opening Date 4 June 1992
Last Date 14 June 1992
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional cooperative
World Premiere No
Description The story of Cinderella is frequently cited in beauty-myth literature as a microcosm
of the myth. This fairy tale has it all, ugly sisters, and even bodily mutilation in the name of beauty, as the ugly sisters saw off their toes to fit the perversely tiny glass sliper. The prince notices the blood, and the natural beauty wins...the chorus are there to represent real women. Inspired by the writings of Naomi Wolf, Ramona Koval and Babette Cole, the play explores the way women find they can damage their own perceptions of themselves.
Description Source Reviewer's Opinion
Primary Genre Theatre - Spoken Word
Secondary Genre Mime
Subjects Women's Issues
Name Function Notes
Amanda Armstrong Actor
Lena Cirillo Actor
Lisa Russell Actor
Amanda Armstrong Devisor
Lena Cirillo Devisor
Cathy Russell Devisor
Lisa Russell Devisor
Cathy Russell Director
Cathy Russell Lighting Designer
Julian Savage Lighting Designer
Nicki Clarke Stage Manager
Text Nationality Australia
Production Nationality Australia
Data Source
Source Description
Australian & New Zealand Theatre Record June, 1992
Data Reviewed By Geoffrey Milne (GeoffreyMilne) on 11 February 2012
Event Identifier 16109