Contributor Mikey Rice
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Gender Male
Functions Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

Jay James-Moody - Director, Production Designer, Producer, Actor

Blake Erickson - Performer, Actor

Jessica James-Moody - Sound Designer, Producer

Monique Salle - Choreographer, Performer

Hayden Barltrop - Musical Director

Hunter Bell - Writer

Jeff Bowen - Music and Lyrics

Jessica Burns - Producer, Production Designer, Sound Designer

Warren Casey - Music and Lyrics

Christian Charisiou - Actor and Singer

Doron Chester - Actor and Singer

Keira Daley - Actor

Luke Erickson - Producer

Jessica Ford - Sound Operator/Engineer

Michael Francis - Photographer

Paul Geddes - Musical Director, Actor

Emily Hart - Actor and Singer

Brendan Hay - Costume Designer

Jaz Haynes - Production Designer, Stage Manager

Ric Herbert - Actor and Singer

Georgia Hopkins - Set Designer

Gareth Isaac - Actor and Singer

Daniel Jacobs - Director

Jim Jacobs - Music and Lyrics

Rob Johnson - Performer

Stephanie Josifovski - Stage Manager

Louise Kelly - Performer

Benjamin Kiehne - Musical Director

Victoria Knowles - Actor and Singer

Debora Krizak - Performer

Michele Lansdowne - Actor and Singer

James Lapine - Original Concept

Alexandra Lewtas - Assistant Choreographer

David Loud - Musical Arranger

Phillip Lowe - Performer

Coral Mercer-Jones - Actor and Singer

Daniella Mirels - Actor and Singer

Jason Mobbs-Green - Actor and Singer

Lizzie Moore - Actor

Matilda Moran - Actor and Singer

Caroline Oayda - Actor and Singer

Kenney Ogilvie - Graphic Designer

Stephanie Priest - Actor and Singer

Aaron Robuck - Actor and Singer

Simone Salle - Choreographer

Timothy Shead - Actor and Singer

Stephen Sondheim - Music and Lyrics

Michael Starobin - Orchestrator

Craig Stewart - Producer

Christy Sullivan - Performer

Temujin Tera - Actor and Singer

Alex Torney - Technician

Dean Vince - Performer

Kaleigh Wilkie-Smith - Assistant Director

Brendan Xavier - Actor and Singer


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