Contributor Mrs. B. Lapsys
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Gender Female
Functions Dance Director

Dance Director

J. M. Klisch - Musical Director, Conductor

Meg Abbie Denton - Choreographer

Eugenia Andruchovycz - Dance Director

Gabriela Barton - Singer

J. Biernat - Musical Director

K. H. Bruckner - Dance Director

E. Buck - Dance Director

John Doherty - Compere

G Dubowski - Accompanist

A. Feils - Musical Arranger

Robert Field-Dodgson - Musical Arranger

Murray George - Director

Eugene Goossens - Composer

A. Grigonis - Dance Director

Inta Gruzna - Accompanist

J. Gulvis - Dance Director

Hans Herrg - Dance Director

Edward Keating Hyland - Composer

Betty Jonsson - Singer

M. J. Kelly - Dance Director

F Kinansky - Dance Director

B Koba - Conductor

Konradin Kreutzer - Composer

Henry Krips - Composer

F. Krnansky - Dance Director

Mr. Krywecky - Dance Director

H. Kytastyj - Composer

Michal Mordvinov - Dance Director

M. Mordwinow - Dance Director

Terry Morris - Singer

Magdelena Nagy - Dance Director

P E O'Leary - Accompanist

John Ogg - Dance Director

Dobra Olcan - Orchestral Leader

V. Ozolins - Musical Arranger

Cris Pass - Accompanist

G. Petersen - Choir Master/Mistress

Luciano Piasentier - Singer

I. Polatajko - Baritone

Betty Prescott - Accompanist

Joanne Priest - Dance Director

E Reebs - Conductor

Algis Ruzinskas - Accompanist

Apolonia Sapalis - Singer

B Schipper - Dance Director

V Simkus - Conductor

John Stapp - Director

K Svenne - Musical Arranger

Steven Swarts - Accompanist

Ann van der Broek - Dance Director

Gerard van der Werp - Conductor

D. Vitols - Musical Arranger

Carl Maria von Weber - Composer

Wolfgang Weber - Musical Arranger

Austrian Dance Group

German Association

Lithuanian Community in S.A.

Polish Association of S.A.

Royal Christchurch Musical Society Choir

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Czeckoslovak Club in S. A.

The Good Neighbour Council of SA Inc

The Hungarian Club

The Latvian Club of Adelaide

The P. W. Doherty Memorial School of Irish Dancing

The Royal Caledonian Society of S.A.

The South Australian Estonian Association

The Yugoslav Association in South Australia

Ukrainian Association of S.A.

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