Contributor Cis Roberts
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Gender Female
Functions Circus Style Performer, Dancer, Performer
Notes Performed in the 1930s in a duo as Cis and Buddy Roberts.


Actor and Singer

Maurice Guttridge - Musical Arranger, Musical Director, Conductor

George Moon - Actor and Singer, Performer

William Perryman - Performer, Actor and Singer

Buddy Roberts - Performer, Choreographer, Actor and Singer

Ernest C. Rolls - Devisor, Writer, Producer

Robert Capron - Performer, Actor and Singer

Keith Connolly - Performer, Actor and Singer

Marie Doran - Performer

Leal Douglas - Performer, Actor and Singer

Alec Kellaway - Performer

Eve Alwyn - Performer

Chic Arnold - Performer

Richard Barrett-Lennard - Performer

Joan de Beere - Performer, Dancer

Erica Huppert - Costume Designer

Chas King - Actor and Singer, Stage Manager, Performer

Jan Kowsky - Performer, Choreographer

Sydney Montigue - Choreographer, Performer

Serge Moros - Performer

Jack O'Hagan - Composer, Lyricist

Roy Rene - Performer

Renie Riano - Performer

Joan Scardon - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Reg Tapley - Performer, Actor and Singer

Kiera Tuson - Performer

Strella Wilson - Performer

Florenz Ames - Actor and Singer, Performer

Jennie Benson - Performer

Marjorie Bray - Choreographer

John Brown - Actor and Singer, Performer

Nancye Cocking - Performer

George M. Cohan - Book and Lyrics, Lyricist

Jane Douglas - Performer, Actor and Singer

Gus Franks - Actor and Singer, Performer

Dorothy Hutchison - Performer

Rene Maxwell - Actor and Singer, Performer

Muriel Petty - Performer, Actor and Singer

Julie Russell - Performer, Actor and Singer

Norman Tremayne - Actor and Singer, Performer

Gus Bluett - Performer

Marie Bremner - Performer

Shirley Dale - Actor and Singer

Arthur Dickenson - Scenic Artist

Doreen May - Actor and Singer

John Moore - Actor and Singer

Pat Nelson - Performer

Thea Philips - Performer

Edna Riley - Performer

Reg Robins - Scenic Artist

Edward (Ted) Tait - Administrator

Frank Tait - Administrator

John Tait - Administrator

Dolly Turner - Actor and Singer

Joyce Walker - Performer

Polly Walker - Actor and Singer

Ernest C. Rolls

Desiree and Montigue

J. C. Williamson Limited (1910-1938)

Roche and Roche

The Munro Brothers

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