Contributor Farid ud-Din Attar
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Gender Unknown
Functions Poet


Peter Brook - Director, Adaptor, Devisor, Artistic Director

Jean-Claude Carriere - Adaptor, Devisor, Playwright

Jane Ahlquist - Adaptor, Actor

Nicole Aubry - Stage Manager

Urs Bihler - Actor

Malick Bowens - Actor

Blaise Catala - Violinist

Linda Daniel - Flautist

Christine Draeger - Composer, Actor

Miriam Goldschmidt - Actor

Regine Guitschula - General Manager

Sally Jacobs - Designer

Andreas Katsulas - Actor

Arnault Lecarpentier - Actor

Jean-Guy Lecat - Technical Director

Bob Lloyd - Actor

Mireille Maalouf - Actor

Alain Maratrat - Actor

Philippe Mulon - Technical Director

Bruce Myers - Actor

Yoshi Oida - Actor

Natasha Parry - Actor

Jean-Claude Perrin - Actor

Felicity Pinkard - Costume Designer

Micheline Rozan - Artistic Director

Tapa Sudana - Actor

Toshi Tsuchitori - Percussionist

Association Francaise d'Action Artistique

The Centre for International Theatre Creations

Australia Council for the Arts

Bathhouse Arts

Hindmarsh Building Society

Nimrod Theatre Company

Seymour Centre for the Performing Arts

The Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Government of South Australia

Victoria College Rusden Campus Drama

Identifier 1863