Contributor Gladys Masters
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Gender Female
Functions Actor, Vocalist, Soprano


Actor and Singer

Assistant Stage Manager



Stanley Draper - Bass, Actor and Singer, Vocalist

Peggy Fearn - Soprano, Actor and Singer, Vocalist

Una Hale - Soprano, Vocalist, Actor and Singer

William Harrison - Vocalist, Actor and Singer, Bass

Alison Holder - Accompanist, Pianist, Musical Arranger

Barbara Howard - Actor and Singer, Director, Musical Director

Richard Watson - Actor and Singer, Director, Musical Director

Marie Bates - Vocalist, Actor and Singer

Graham Burns - Bass, Actor and Singer

Topsie Doenau - Accompanist, Musical Arranger

Robert Lucas - Actor and Singer, Tenor

B Adamson - Soprano

Darcy Allen - Actor

Kenneth Anderson - Actor

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Granville Bantock - Composer

Jean Barbour - Accompanist

Ethel Bartlett - Musical Arranger

F Blackstock - Tenor

B Bottin - Tenor

K E Bowley - Bass

Johannes Brahms - Composer

Frank Bridge - Composer

Peggy Brockelbank - Actor

John Bull - Composer

Willam Byrd - Composer

Blair Cadd - Flautist

William Cade - Conductor

T Clarkson - Soprano

Valerie Clisby - Soprano

John Coates - Playwright

M Davey - Soprano

M Dayman - Soprano

Claude Debussy - Composer

Leslie Dutton - Tenor

Brian Easdale - Musical Arranger

Edward Elgar - Composer

Giles Farnaby - Composer

Lorna Fletcher - Soprano

Hubert Fosse - Musical Arranger

Ronda Gehling - Vocalist

Hazel Geraldine - Actor and Singer

Hazel Gherardin - Vocalist

Allan Giles - Pianist

Alma Goatley - Composer

Peter Grimsby - Actor

G Gum - Tenor

R Haines - Tenor

Mary Heppenstall - Actor and Singer

Mary Howe - Musical Arranger

Michael James - Set Designer

Irving Johnson - Stage Manager

Alan Lane - Actor

Raymond Lane - Producer

Ray Langsford - Tenor

Harold Levick - Actor

Donald MacDonald - Tenor

Russell Martin - Actor and Singer

Wren Matthews - Bass

Yvonne Matthews - Actor

S May - Soprano

B L McInnis - Tenor

Felix Mendelssohn - Composer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Gwen Paul - Accompanist

Martin Pearson - Composer

J Penhall - Soprano

Brenda Peterson - Vocalist

Hilda Pope - Contralto

Henry Purcell - Composer

Roger Quilter - Composer

Utility Richards - Actor

Howard Rogers - Vocalist

H G A Sansom - Bass

Eileen Sayers - Actor and Singer

Lillian Siggs - Soprano

Elizabeth Solway - Actor

B Strathearn - Tenor

Harold Tidemann - Actor and Singer

Phyllis Turner - Soprano

Bruce Walton - Lighting Operator

F J Watson - Stage Manager

R W Welford - Bass

G B Williams - Tenor

Thelma Williams - Soprano

Fred Williamson - Actor and Singer

Betty Woods - Soprano

J Wylde - Soprano

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

Adelaide ABC Orchestra

Adelaide University

Comedy Players

Conservatorium Opera Class

Elder Conservatorium Opera Class

Elder Conservatorium Opera Group

The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Identifier 444923