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Address Various Victorian locations VIC

Melbourne Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

Arts Victoria

Australia Council for the Arts

Union Theatre Repertory Company

Handspan Theatre

Somebody's Daughter Theatre

The Council of Adult Education

The National Theatre Movement of Australia

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

The Australian Opera


Arena Theatre Company

Australian Bach Ensemble

Australian Performing Group

Bach Collegium Japan

Cantus Colln

Circus Quirkus

Collegium Vocale Gent

Company Theatre Physical

Director's Cut Tour

Elysium Ensemble

HighWater Theatre

Laughing Stock Productions


Melbourne Festival

Melbourne International Arts Festival

Melbourne International Festival Of The Arts

Melbourne University Student Theatre

Melbourne Workers Theatre

Opera Australia

Present Remain

Schools Company, Opera Australia

Spoleto Melbourne Festival of the Arts

The Arts Council of Australia

The Arts Council of Australia (New South Wales Division)

The Choir of Trinity College Melbourne

The Comedy Channel

The Suitcase Royale

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

The Young Melbourne Company


West Theatre Company

Windsbacher Knabenchor

Malcolm Robertson - Director, Producer, Actor

Ken Evans - Designer, Mask Maker, Devisor, Set and/or Property Maker, Performer, Puppet Designer

Maud Clark - Director, Writer

Sarah Kernot - Tour Manager

Helen Rickards - Director, Devisor, Performer, Designer, Costume Co-ordinator, Puppet Designer

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Kim Carroll - Costume Co-ordinator

Anne Fraser - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Andrew Hansen - Performer, Devisor, Puppet Designer

Kharen Harper - Actor, Director, Playwright, Writer

Peter J Wilson - Puppet Designer, Voice Over Artist, Devisor, Performer

Kristen Anderson - Designer

John Beckett - Lighting Designer, Designer, Set Designer

Carmelina di Guglielmo - Performer

Philip Lethlean - Performer, Lighting Designer, Puppet Designer

Pamela McDonald - Production Manager

John Rogers - Performer, Adaptor

Greg Saunders - Director

Greg Sneddon - Musical Arranger, Musical Director

Melanie Beddie - Director, Actor

Ron Brooks - Illustrator

Anton Chekhov - Playwright

Wal Cherry - Director

Laurence Collinson - Playwright

Kim Durant - Performer

Catherine Frith - Actor

Henri Gheon - Playwright

Michael Gow - Playwright

Steven Gration - Performer

Ernie Gray - Actor

Joan Harris - Actor

Helen Hopkins - Actor

Donna King - Actor

Rachael Laurie - Actor

Allan Lees - Designer, Set Designer

Louise McRoberts - Production Manager

Dennis Miller - Actor

Patrick Moffatt - Actor

Robert Morgan - Actor

Joan Murray - Director, Actor

Frederick Parslow - Actor

Harold Pinter - Playwright

Tony Rickards - Scriptwriter, Performer

Ian Rolland - Performer

Lyndel Rowe - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Lydia Shalash - Actor

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright

Beth Shelton - Choreographer

Karen Taylor - Actor

Maeve Vella - Voice Over Artist, Performer, Designer, Puppet Designer, Devisor

Jenny Wagner - Author

Scott Alderdice - Playwright, Director

Winston Appleyard - Sound Composer, Performer

Tim Aris - Actor

Donna Aston - Actor

Kate Atkinson - Actor

Wynne Austen - Stage Manager

Sandra Ayache - Stage Manager

Johann Sebastian Bach - Composer

Paul Bailey - Actor

Helmut Bakaitis - Playwright

Elspeth Ballantyne - Actor

Helen Barnacle - Actor

Peter Batey - Actor, Production Manager

Stephan Beinl - Director

Jennifer Bermingham - Singer

Kim Berry - Assistant Stage Manager

Jane Bertelson - Actor, Stage Manager

Heather Bolton - Actor

Dorothy Bradley - Actor

Kanen Breen - Actor

Don Bridges - Actor

Alyson Brown - Stage Manager

Tony Brown - Actor

Ian Campbell - Singer

Moira Carleton - Actor, Director

Michael Carman - Actor

Michael Cartwright - Tour Manager

Peter Charlton - Devisor, Assistant Director

Simon Chilvers - Actor

Judith Cobb - Designer

Hugh Colman - Designer

Kevin Colson - Actor

Tom Considine - Actor

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Janice Copland - Actor

Patricia Cornelius - Writer

Robert Corner - Actor

Nicholas Crawford Smith - Actor

Brian Crossley - Actor

Alan Dale - Actor

Rob Dallas - Stage Manager

Robert Darvall - Technician

Roslyn de Winter - Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Dennis - Assistant Stage Manager

Wendy Dickson - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Desmond Digby - Costume Designer

Richard Doggett - Actor

Brian Donovan - Director

Wanda Dopierala - Director

Steve Douglas-Craig - Fight Director

Betty Druitt - Costume Designer

John Durham - Singer

Paul Eddey - Actor

Robert Eddie - Singer

Peter Edmonds - Actor

Marion Edward - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Luke Elliot - Actor

Nell Feeney - Actor

Lewis Fiander - Actor

Peter Finlay - Actor, Scriptwriter

Len Fisher - Electrician

Sheila Florance - Actor

Tracey Forward - Actor

Laurel Frank - Puppet Designer

Heath Franklin - Comedian

Susie Fraser - Actor

John Frawley - Actor

Beryl Furlan - Singer

Frank Gatliff - Actor

John Germain - Singer

Lynda Gibson - Actor

Kate Gillick - Actor

Robert Ginn - General Manager

Ronald Gow - Playwright

Pamela Greenall - Actor

Charles Haggith - Actor

Victoria Halik - Costume Co-ordinator

Jane Hammond - Musical Director

Kevin Hanily - Production Manager

Bill Hannan - Writer

Brian Hannan - Actor

Alan Harvey - Stage Manager, Assistant Director, Actor

Mary Hayman - Singer

Edward Hepple - Actor

Jack Hibberd - Writer

Clifford Hocking - Artistic Director

Alan Hopgood - Playwright, Actor

Kevin Hopkins - Actor

Carolyn Howard - Actor

Glenn Hughes - Playwright

Graeme Hughes - Actor

Jules Hutchison - Actor

Arthur Hynes - Stage Manager

Damien Jameson - Actor

Irene Jarzabek - Actor

Laura Jocic - Costume Designer

Amanda Johnson - Designer

Christine Johnson - Designer, Performer, Devisor

Wayne Joiner - Composer

Sue Jones - Actor

Helene Joy - Actor

George Kapiniaris - Actor

Paul Karo - Actor

David Kendall - Assistant Stage Manager

Linley Kensitt - Costume Designer

Stephen Kent - Sound Composer

Matt King - Technician

Tony Kishawi - Designer, Actor

Victoria Knight - Stage Manager

Robin Laurie - Director

Rebecca Leitch - Actor

Andrea Lemon - Director

Pamela Leversha - Playwright

Caroline Lill - Musical Director

Leon Lissek - Actor

Peter Long - Costume Designer, Designer

James P. Lynch - Actor

Robert Lyon - Actor

Stephen MacDonald - Playwright

Andrew MacTier - Singer, Stage Manager

Senol Mat - Actor

Monica Maughan - Actor

Lisa McGrath - Stage Manager

Sandra McGregor - Actor

Travis McMahon - Actor

Roy McNeill - Performer

Margaret Mills - Actor

David Mitchell - Actor

Nicol Morrow - Actor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Composer

Peta Murray - Playwright

Sue Nattrass - Stage Manager

Cliff Neate - Actor

Michelle Offen - Actor

George Ogilvie - Actor

Ijlal Olgunner - Actor

John Osborne - Playwright

Simon Palomares - Actor

Trina Parker - Puppet Designer

Pierre Patelin - Playwright

Carole Patullo - Actor

Shirley Pells - Musical Director

Chris Peters - Fight Director

Beverley Phillips - Actor

Genevieve Picot - Actor

David Pidd - Actor

Kristian Pithie - Actor

Bagryana Popov - Actor

Barry Pree - Actor

Jennifer Priest - Actor

Susan Provan - Festival Director

Daniel Rabin - Circus Style Performer

Kenneth Ransom - Actor

Hannie Rayson - Scriptwriter, Actor

Vicki Reynolds - Writer

Rodger Richardson - Electrician

Dorothy Rickards - Puppet Designer

Tony Rive - Actor

John Romeril - Writer

Lola Russell - Actor

Simon Russell - Actor

Lou Sanz - Comedian

G Sariyannis - Electrician

Peter Seaborn - Performer

Hugh Sexton - Director

Owen Smith - Production Manager

Sally Smith - Choreographer

Steven Smith - Actor

Tony Smith - Stage Manager

Peter Sommerfeld - Designer

Caroline Stacey - Director

Barbara Ann Stephenson - Director

Jacqui Stolz - Voice Over Artist

John Sumner - Director

Geoff Taylor - Technician

Basil Thomas - Playwright

Kelly Tracey - Actor

Isabel Veale - Singer

Irine Vela - Composer

Giuseppe Verdi - Composer

Richard Vetere - Playwright

Kirsten Von Bibra - Director

Michael Wansborough - Tour Manager

Edward Webster - Stage Manager, Actor

Ted Webster - Actor

George Whaley - Actor

David Williamson - Playwright

L Peter Wilson - Director

Christine Woodcock - Puppet Designer, Devisor, Performer

Jane Woollard - Dramaturg

Guthrie Worby - Actor

Petra Yared - Actor

Venue Identifier 662