Venue Oddfellows Hall
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Address Williams Street
Fremantle WA 6160
Notes The Oddfellows Hall, Fremantle, opened in July 1867. Demolished in 1919. Was opposite Fremantle Town Hall.
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Latitude | Longitude -32.05447 | 115.74768

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Mr George Case - Actor, Performer, Actor-manager

Mrs George Case - Impersonator

Adelaide Stoneham - Actor

E. Ashton - Performer

Mrs Beatrice - Hornist

Evelyn Eldred - Soprano

E.H. Gladman - Director

Minton Griffiths - Actor-manager

L. Henderson - Performer

Mr. Houten - Performer

Walter Howson - Performer

Miss Lynch - Singer

W. J. Morris - Performer

John Maddison Morton - Playwright

Professor Alfred Silvester - Illusionist

Mr. Sloman - Magician

E. Smith - Circus Style Performer

Mrs St. Clair - Hornist

H Stoneham - Actor

H. Stoneham - Actor

B.C. Wood - Performer

Venue Identifier 14339