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Resource MovingImage: Performance Recording
Title Heaven_Excerpts
Creator Contributors
Abstract/Description The video file consists of dramaturgically significant excerpts from a video documentation of a specific performance of the work. It is neither a full representation of the performance nor an edited collection of what may be identified as highlights. Its specific purpose is to allow the opportunity to assess if the work may incorporate dramaturgical elements of interest to potential researchers. It is not intended as a promotion of the work or its creators. A full version of this recording of the work has been video taped and digitally archived and is available for viewing on DVD, by arrangement through the Macquarie University Library.Edit Duration 11 min 48 sec
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Holding Institution Macquarie University Library
Rights Holder Sidetrack Performance Group
Access Rights Permission granted by Sidetrack Performance Group
Language English
Format QuickTime H.264; 320 x 240 pixels; 11 min 48 sec
Comments Digital resource held in the Sidetrack Performance Group Digital Archive at Macquarie University Library.
Citation Mark Seton, Heaven_Excerpts, Macquarie University Library
Resource Identifier 38141