Organisation Majestic Ballet
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Address SA Australia
Functions Presenting Company

The Majestic Orchestra

Abdy's Animal Circus

Bradley and Kearney

Bump and Bounce

De Troy and Lady

Hatten Sisters

Jean Bedford's 20 Juniors

Kuester and Johnson

Majestic Steppers

Manly and Austin

Mortimer and Shirley

Ozo and Bozo

Rolling Rollos

Six Ashtons

Skill and Grace

The 5 Cleverers

The Flying Warrens

The Laughtons

The Lynton Boys

Tivoli Ballet

Majestic Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Bob Dyer - Comedian

Tom King - Musical Director

Phillip Peake - Performer, Actor and Singer

Alec Regan - General Manager, Producer

Dixie - Acrobat, Dancer

Ginge - Ventriloquist Doll

Goldie Ashton - Drummer

Raymond Baird - Saxophonist

Thelma Barry - Actor and Singer

Jean Bedford - Choreographer

Lorna Beldon - Actor and Singer

Gordon Bell - Performer

Greta Callow - Soprano

Bruce Carroll - Stage Director

Keith Connolly - Comedian

Stan Craig - Actor and Singer

Marshall Crosby - Performer

De Leino - Dancer

Les Diamondos - Performer

John Dobbie - Actor and Singer

Les Donaghey - Stage Director

Buster Fiddes - Comedian

Stan Foley - Comedian

George Foster - Performer

Bob Geraghty - Actor and Singer

Smiles Greenhill - Performer

Mitzie Haase - Acrobat, Dancer

Nella Hall - Impersonator

Arne Hartman - Musician

Evie Hayes - Actor and Singer

Cath Holland - Actor and Singer

Elsie Hoskings - Dancer, Performer

Leila Humble - Performer

George Hurd - Circus Style Performer

Flo James - Actor

Ted James - Actor

Sunday Johnson - Choreographer

Margaret Kelly - Actor and Singer

Will Kroncke - Costume Co-ordinator

Alma La Belle - Dancer

Dolly Mack - Actor and Singer

Will Mahoney - Producer

Billy Maloney - Performer

Ossie Massey - Musician

Grant McIntyre - Actor and Singer

Enid Mickel - Performer

Antonio Molinari - Tenor

Cyril Northcote - Set Designer

Wallace Parnell - Producer

Daphne Peacock - Dancer

Natalie Raine - Actor and Singer

Myrtle Reeve - Performer

Renie Riano - Performer

Tom Richards - Actor

Les Ritchie - Actor and Singer

Mavis Ritchie - Actor and Singer

Esme Roach - Violinist

Barry Sandford - Musician

Ruth Scott - Performer

Madame Sheringham - Costume Maker

Bert Smith - Conductor

Phyllis Steadman - Dancer, Performer

Olga Varona - Circus Style Performer

Mal Verro - Ventriloquist

George Stevenson Wallace - Comedian

Organisation Identifier 31475