AusStage researchers have been compiling a bibliography on Australian theatre, drama and performance since 2007. Our aim is to integrate bibliographic records of books, anthologies, chapters and scholarly articles with the AusStage dataset on live performance.

Joanne Tompkins, Helena Grehan and Neal Harvey discuss the initial work on bibliography in 'AusStage: From Database of Performing Arts to a Performing Database of the Arts' (in Resourceful reading: The new empiricism, eResearch and Australian literary culture, edited by Katherine Bode and Robert Dixon, published by Sydney University Press 2009).

Follow-up work in 2010-2011 focused on data entry from existing bibliographies and journals, including:

The count of bibliographic records for books, anthologies, chapters, scholarly journal articles and theses in 2011 was 1,014; some play scripts are also included. Each record is related to one or more events, contributors, organisations, venues, genres, content indicators and works.

Bibliographic records may be retrieved as books, anthologies, chapters and articles via the Resource Search on AusStage. They also appear as related resources when browsing event, contributor, organization and venues records in AusStage.

This work on bibliography is ongoing. We intend to enter records from Performance Paradigm, About Performance, Popular Entertainment, from postgraduate and honours theses via Australian Digital Theses (now part of the National Libraries' Trove), and ADSA conference papers from the ADSA History Project.

We welcome contributions to the effort, particularly in the form of bibliographies, publication lists from CVs, and offers to enter bibliographic data sets. Contact the Project Manager if you would like to contribute.

yes AusStage Bibliography - draft, 23 June 2011 [0.5mb pdf]

Note: In this draft, bibliographic entries are formatted using a built-in citation style from the AusStage resource table. The citation style was designed for use with a wide range of resource types, not just bibliographic records. It has been modified to approximate bibliographic style for this export, but publication titles are not italicized, and article and chapter titles are not enclosed in quotation marks.