Researching Audiences

Inviting feedback from audiences using mobile devices

The Researching Audiences service provides audience members with opportunities to share their experiences of performance.

Recording audience responses to performance is important for companies, researchers, performers and spectators. It enriches our knowledge about the experience of performance, and it will provide future generations with a richer and fuller understanding of what we did, saw, liked and didn't like.

Artists and companies can select questions to put to their audiences. They can view audience responses to a particular performance in various ways - as a list in chronological order, as signage for use at a venue, as a tag cloud of key words, or as a sequence of images retrieved for key words. They can also select multiple performances for viewing as a list or as a tag cloud.

Spectators can use mobile phones to send text messages, tweet via Twitter or respond online via a mobile web site. Spectators can also register with AusStage to leave comments about performances on the AusStage website.

Learn more about the Researching Audiences service – or contact the Project Manager for further information.