The following has been retrieved from the Google Code project hosting that was used for the aus-e-stage development. 

In 2016 Google Code shut down project hosting and archived all projects and wikis. The following pages have been retrieved from Google Code and may be outdated. 


AusStage provides an accessible research facility for investigating live performance in Australia. It was built by a consortium of universities and industry partners with funding from the Australian Research Council.

Australia stages some of the most ambitious, innovative and socially significant live events. Live interaction at communal events is essential to the cultural life of the nation. Innovative live performances project images of Australian culture to audiences here and overseas.

AusStage records information on live performance in Australia, as a wealth-producing creative industry, a generator of social capital and an indicator of the nation's cultural vitality.

More information on AusStage is available at the AusStage website here:


The Aus-e-Stage project is a NeAT funded project that is working on developing services that extend the capabilities of the existing text-based search-and-retrieval AusStage website.

AusStage fulfils a national need for public access to reliable information on the full spectrum of live performance in Australia, delivering a data set of national significance to research, post graduate students, policy makers in government and industry practitioners; there is no other comparable database in existence.


The three main services currently under development are:

Purpose of this Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki is to manage documentation specifically related to the development activities that are building the above services.


Navigating Networks

Network Service SPARQL Endpoint
Dataset API Export Edges  Dataset API Lookup
Dataset API Basic Search  Goals
Component Overview Service Feedback
Dataset Specification
Dataset API GraphML file format
Network Service Feedback Export Graphs
SPARQL Dataset API Export Graph
Dataset API Protovis  


 Mapping Service 

Mapping Service  ABS data fix (depreciated)
Consultancy Map Info to KML 
 API Markers API 
API Lookup API Events
API Search Direct Links
Sourcing ABS Data Google Earth Image Overlay
Google Earth ABS Overlay  


RDF Export

 Aus-e-stage Ontology  RDF Export More Info
 RDF Export  Vocabularies Package


Mobile Service

 API Live Feedback  Interface Development Stages
 Mobile Service Info Card Template  API
 Mobile Service Specification
Search API Database Tables
API Gatherer Use Cases
Pilots API Lookup
Feedback Matching Display User Stories
Tweet Gatherer Using Tweet Gatherer


Data Exchange

Exchange Analytics  Data Exchange Service


Version Control (depreciated)

Subversion Repository  


Java Development

Work Experience  


Testing Reporting

Alpha 1 Testing Phase  Beta Testing Phase
Alpha 2 Testing Phase  


Terminator Service

Terminator Service  


Website Analytics

Website Analytics  


Developer Resources

Updating the Tomcat Webapp  Ausstage Utilities Package
 AusStage Colour Scheme  Useful Links
 Visualisation Service