Data Exchange

Embed data from AusStage in your website

You can use the Data Exchange service to embed AusStage data in a website using specially created URLs. Artists, companies and researchers can record information about their work in AusStage and then display that information in their own web pages.

AusStage data can be embedded in a website dynamically by using JavaScript or by importing the RSS feed into your content management system.

Use the Code Generator to create code that can be embedded into a web page. Up-to-date data is drawn live from the database each time the web page is viewed. You can choose which records you want displayed. Three types of record can be retrieved using this service:

The Data Exchange is offered under our Terms of Use. AusStage data is copyright and licensed to users under the Creative Commons licence: Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike. Wherever you display data from AusStage, we require an acknowledgment of our copyright and licence terms: Data © AusStage and contributors, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Aus.

Please contact the Project Manager for advice on using the service.