Editorial Review

AusStage developed a new editorial process during our fourth phase of development in 2010 and 2011. This process enables expert members of the AusStage network to review and amend existing records and oversee the content of new records. The process has been agreed upon through national consultation. It is documented in the AusStage manual and encoded into the database.

AusStage encourages researchers to share their knowledge with each other. Researchers use AusStage to retrieve information about performance. The editorial process adds a new layer of citation and review. Editorial review complements our ‘citizen science’ approach by drawing on expertise among users to enhance the quality of data and share knowledge, experience and expertise.

An Editorial Board was established for AusStage. The Editorial Board advises AusStage on:

The process of editorial review is supported by the Data Review Board, a wide network of experts providing assistance to the Project Manager in reviewing records as they are created in AusStage. Contact the Project Manager if you are interested in assisting AusStage with editorial review.

Event records are the focus of the review process; contributor, organisation and venue data will also be subject to review. AusStage partners are engaging research experts, companies and artists to review records in line with editorial guidelines. Standardisation of records has been a focus with the incorporation into AusStage of data from Professor Veronica Kelly’s Australian Drama Bibliography project. Work on a targeted program to stimulate data contributions from artists is ongoing.

Event records which have been reviewed display details of who reviewed the record and on what date. If a reviewed record is subsequently updated by an AusStage member who is not classified as a reviewer that record loses its reviewed status. Not all the existing records in the database will be reviewed; members of the Review Board will adopt a data-set and work with the Project Manager to identify the records in need of review.