"Event Name","Serjeant Musgrave's Dance" "Event Identifier","73803" "Venue","Napier Theatre , Adelaide, SA" "First date","9 July 1968" "Last date","12 July 1968" "Dates Estimated","No" "Status","Amateur" "World Premiere","No", "Description",""Serjeant Musgrave's Dance is a melodrama. It is a play of exciting and sensational action with a last-minute rescue for a conclusion, and a number of songs are included in the action. Some - like the National Anthem - are well known, and we hope the audience will join in the singing. They may also hiss the villain - if they can discover who he is."" "Description Source","Programme" "Primary Genre","Other" "Secondary Genre" "Subjects" "Organisations" "The Adelaide University Literary Society","Presenting Company","Unknown", "Contributors" "Jill Black","Actor" "John Cook","Actor" "Kent Driver","Actor" "John Edge","Actor" "Keith Gallasch","Actor" "Trevor Horton","Actor" "Alex Kalloniatis","Actor" "Rosemary Kenny","Actor" "Tim Mares","Actor" "Peter Meredith","Actor" "Chris Pollnitz","Actor" "Dayle Redden","Actor" "Christopher White","Actor" "Claude Wischik","Actor" "Tim Mares","Director" "John Arden","Playwright" "Rosemary Kenny","Properties Master" "Jenny Morphett","Properties Master" "Resources" "Musgrave's Dance, On Dit, University of Adelaide Library Special Collections, 36, 8, 5 July 1968, 13" "Serjeant Musgrave's Dance, University of Adelaide Library Special Collections" "Text Nationality","England" "Production Nationality","Australia" "Further Information","This play was first produced in England at the Royal Court Theatre in 1959." "Data Source" "Programme","University of Adelaide Library Special Collections, SA ","Yes"