Event cLUB bENT
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Venue The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW
Umbrella Event Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival
First Date 15 February 1995
Opening Date 15 February 1995
Last Date 26 February 1995
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional
World Premiere Yes
Description Reviewer's Opinion (Australian and New Zealand Theatre Record): "Club Bent restores the cabaret medium to its full glory of gender-fuck and outrageous fun, yet all the time, in every act, there is something for the audience to learn."

From Performance Space database:
"Performance, contemporary dance, drag, music and comedy. cLUB bENT was a meeting place between the underground performance activities sited in the gay and lesbian communities' clubs and dance parties and the work created in our contemporary art and theatre spaces."
Description Source Other
Primary Genre Other
Secondary Genre Test Cabaret
Name Function Notes
Norman Hall Choreographer
Victoria Spence Compere
Isabelle Delmotte Curator Curatorial Committee
Jonathan Parsons Curator Curatorial Committee
Christopher Ryan Curator Curatorial Committee
Angharad Wynne-Jones Curator Curatorial Committee
Jane Fuller Designer
Norman Hall Director
Jackie Smith Director
Eloise Performer
Raven Performer
Romeo Performer
Vic Allen Performer
Anthony Babicci Performer
Craig Baker Performer
Michelle Barker Performer
Virginia Barratt Performer
Cazarine Barry Performer
Cazerine Barry Performer
Jennifer Barry Performer
Icing and Batter Performer
Reitl Bauer Performer
Matthew Bergen Performer
James Berlyn Performer
Groovi Biscuit Performer
Raymond Blanco Performer
Tia-Wana Brassiere Performer
Adam Broinski Performer
Anita Budai Performer
Paul Capsis Performer
Judith Cobb Performer
Rosetta Cook Performer
Lyall Cooper Performer
Vladimir Cosma Performer
Robert Costa Performer
Chad Courtney Performer
Veronica Coves Performer
Jo Darling Performer
Eloise de Hautecloque Performer
Sue deGennaro Performer
Isabelle Delmotte Performer
Geoff Dunstan Performer
Mila Faranov Performer
Catherine Fargher Performer
Stephen Farrat Performer
George Filev Performer
Moira Finucane Performer
Moira Finucane Performer
Rebekah Fogarty Performer
Farrah Force-itt Performer
Betty France Performer
Robin Gist Performer
Su Goldfish Performer
Heather Grace-Jones Performer
Steven Gray Performer
Elisa Hall Performer
Norman Hall Performer
Penny Hatzis Performer
Mark Higginson Performer
Denny Jaeger Performer
Barbara Karpinski Performer
Alley Kat Performer
Gail Kelly Performer
Imogen Kelly Performer
David Lawrence Stafford Performer
Tania Leiman Performer
Benedict Leslie Performer
Joel Markham Performer
Glenn McKenzie Performer
Simon Mitchell Performer
Scott Moon Performer
Amanda Morris Performer
Daniel Mudie-Cunnigham Performer
Breee-an Munns Performer
Fiona Munroe Performer
Prue Murphy Performer
Dujon Niue Performer
Crispee Noodle Performer
Barbara Notely Performer
John O'Connell Performer
DeObia Ohpera Performer
Julianne Pierce Performer
Derek Porter Performer
Jeremy Robbins Performer
Lisa Robertson Performer
Donna Ross Performer
Michael Rubini Performer
Christopher Ryan Performer
Paul Saliba Performer
Sidney Saltner Performer
Annabel Scholes Performer
Liz Smith Performer
Fanny Starr Performer
Luke Tebbutt Performer
Azaria Universe Performer
Adrian Vincent Performer
Adrian Vincent Performer
Adora Waifer-Cream Performer
Dean Walsh Performer
Celia White Performer
Edwina White Performer
Tia Wison Performer
Fiona Johnstone Production Manager
Wayne Tomas Sound Operator/Engineer
Sam McDeed Stage Manager
Further Information Title written as cLUB bENT. Different performers each night of the festival. Performers also included 'Gemma' and 'Icing and Batter'.
Data Source
Source Description
Performance Space Database programme February 1995
Australian & New Zealand Theatre Record February 1995
Event Identifier 24568