Contributor Joel Wilson
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Gender Male
Functions Video Director


David Abbott - Actor and Singer

Lauren Anderson - Actor and Singer

Samuel Apted - Actor and Singer

Naarah Barnes - Actor and Singer

Neil Bartram - Music and Lyrics

Georgia Bradshaw - Costume Designer

Finn Carter - Properties Master / Mistress, Director, Set Designer

Patrick Foster - Filmmaker

Annabelle Hansen - Actor and Singer

Brian Hill - Writer

Martine Holliday - Actor and Singer

Dylan Hoskins - Actor and Singer

Allan Jeffrey - Sound Designer

Matthew Johns - Actor and Singer

David Lark - Set and/or Property Maker

Jack Lark - Director, Set Designer, Graphic Designer

Lyn Lark - Set and/or Property Maker

Amber Leatua - Actor and Singer

Jasper Lees - Photographer

Maria Lurighi - Musical Director

Louise Mackintosh - Front of House

Samuel McGown - Actor and Singer

Leiz Moore - Stage Manager

Andrew Morrisby - Musical Director

Cassie Ogle - Actor and Singer

Melanie Ransley - Set and/or Property Maker

Daniel Robertson - Follow Spot Operator

Jalen Sutcliffe - Actor and Singer

Blake Talbot - Lighting Designer

Adelaide Touber - Choreographer

Leiz Moore and Allan Jeffrey

Musical Theatre Crew

Identifier 504990