Contributor Ritta Hakkarainen
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Gender Female
Functions Assistant Designer

Assistant Designer

Tim Bray - Lighting Operator

Neil Cooper - Production Manager

Christian Curnyn - Conductor

Babs Egervary - Production Manager

Marie Elliott - Actor and Singer

Yu Fujiwara - Video Director

George Frideric Handel - Composer

Theresa Holowczak - Stage Manager

Karina Jones - Costume Designer

Netia Jones - Designer

Mary Nelson - Actor and Singer

Gail Pearson - Actor and Singer

Julian Perkins - Repetiteur

Ian Scott - Lighting Designer

Laura Sessions - Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist

Andrew Staples - Actor and Singer

Emma Toft - Costume Maker

Aki Tsubota - Costume Maker

Transition Opera

Identifier 493370