Contributor Cecil Sharp
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Other Names Cecil James
Gender Male
Nationality English
Date of Birth 1859
Date of Death 1924
Functions Composer
Notes Cecil Sharp became famous later in England for his folk-song collections, but lived in Adelaide from 1882 to 1893, becoming co-director of the Adelaide College of Music from 1889.



Guy Boothby - Librettist, Producer

H R Holder - Bass, Actor

M. Marcus - Tenor

A L Parker - Baritone

Minna Schrader - Soprano

Mr. Billon - Actor

Mr Haggard - Stage Manager

Mrs. T.H. Jones - Actor

Mr Lawrence - Actor

A. Nelson - Actor

R Nitschke - Actor

Miss O'Sullivan - Actor

Mr Parker - Actor

Wybert Reeve - Lessee

Mr. Sear - Actor

Garrick Dramatic Club

Identifier 452378