Contributor Anna Bethel
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Gender Female
Nationality British
Functions Producer


Evelyn Gardiner - Performer, Actor and Singer, Actor

William Schwenck Gilbert - Librettist, Playwright

Helen Roberts - Performer, Actor, Actor and Singer

Arthur Seymour Sullivan - Composer

John Fullard - Performer, Actor

Ivan Menzies - Actor and Singer, Performer, Actor

Richard Walker - Actor, Actor and Singer, Performer

Marjorie Eyre - Actor, Performer

Leslie Rands - Performer, Actor and Singer

Colin Thomas - Performer, Actor and Singer

Evelyn Godly - Performer

J Alan Kenyon - Scenic Artist

Cecil Newman - Scenic Artist

Leo Packer - Musical Director

George Upward - Scenic Artist

Noel Wotherspoon - Actor and Singer, Performer

Muriel Howard - Actor and Singer, Performer

Max Oldaker - Actor

Graeme Bent - Actor and Singer

Evelyn Codly - Actor and Singer

John Dean - Actor and Singer

Robert Healey - Actor and Singer

Gabriel Joffe - Musical Director

Bernard Manning - Actor and Singer

June Phillips - Actor and Singer

Esme Tapp - Actor and Singer

Wilma Whitney - Actor and Singer

Alister Williamson - Actor and Singer

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited (1943-1976)

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company Adelaide

R. D'Oyley Carte

Identifier 233579