Work Acis and Galatea, HWV49
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Creator Contributors
George Frideric Handel
John Gay

Adelaide University

Pacific Opera Company

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Elder Conservatorium of Music

The Opera Group

Transition Opera

University Choral Class

George Frideric Handel - Composer

Janet Allan - Singer

John Ardill - Vocalist

John Arnold - Vocalist

Frederick Bevan - Conductor

Del Brady - Choreographer

Ben Breakwell - Actor and Singer

John Brown - Actor and Singer

Julian Brun - Actor

Sophie Bugeaud Labrune - Costume Designer

Sinead Campbell - Actor and Singer

Elsie Cook - Vocalist

Malcolm Cotton - Stage Manager

Rachael Cunningham - Actor, Singer

Christian Curnyn - Conductor

Regina Daniel - Actor

Patricia Davey - Singer

Warren Fisher - Actor

Juel Flemming - Actor

Doreen Garlick - Costume Designer

John Garlick - Singer

John Gay - Librettist

Sophie Goldrick - Actor

Andrew Greene - Conductor

Ken Healey - Stage Director

Maria Hemphill - Actor

David Hidden - Actor

Michaela Hodgson - Actor

Donald Hollier - Director, Harpsichordist

Mary Hough - Designer

John Hughes - Librettist

Netia Jones - Director

Ronel Jordaan - Lighting Designer

Eve Klein - Actor

Catherine Martin - Violinist

Thelma Martin - Vocalist

Arnold Matters - Vocalist

Peter McCarthy - Bassist

Robert McDonough - Make-up Artist

Hannah Mclaughlin - Oboist

Alvaro Mejorada - Actor

Felix Mendelssohn - Composer

Mary-Jean O'Doherty - Actor

Adam Player - Actor

Alexander Pope - Librettist

Mabel Siegele - Vocalist

Jean Sinclair - Vocalist

Tim Smedley - Cellist

Howard Spicer - Singer

Katherina Spreckelsen - Oboist

Richard Sweeney - Musician

Sylvia Thomas - Vocalist

Kathryn Turner - Actor

Nathan Vale - Actor and Singer

Nicholas Watts - Actor and Singer

Oliver Webber - Violinist

Sylvia Whitington - Orchestral Leader

Harold Wilde - Organist

Walter Wood - Vocalist

Cathy Zhang - Actor

Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, SA

Independent Theatre, North Sydney, NSW

The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT

Wilton's Music Hall, London, England

Work Identifier 2995