Work Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
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Country of Origin
  • Australia
Creator Contributors
Ray Lawler

The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust

Melbourne Theatre Company

Australia Council for the Arts

Playing Australia

The Hole in the Wall Theatre Company

The University of Melbourne

State Theatre Company of South Australia

The St. James Players

Arts Victoria

Australian Nouveau Theatre


J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited

Pioneer Players

Pymble Players Inc

Sydney Theatre Company

The Victorian Ministry for the Arts

Australian Actors' Company

Black Swan Theatre Company

Broken Hill Repertory Society

Canberra Repertory Society

Carl Clopet Productions

Geelong Repertory Theatre Company

Harold French Ltd

La Boite Theatre Company

Q Theatre Company

Queensland Theatre Company

Riverina Theatre Company

The Australian Drama Company

The New Zealand Players Theatre Trust

The University of Adelaide Theatre Guild

Twelfth Night Theatre Company

Union Theatre Repertory Company

Williamstown Little Theatre

Adelaide Repertory Theatre Incorporated

Alice Springs Theatre Group

Arena Theatre Company

Arts 21

Arts Council of South Australia

Arts NSW

Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra

Belgrade Theatre Company

Brisbane Arts Theatre

Buderim Amateur Theatrical Society (BATS)

Cairns Little Theatre Inc.

Canberra Theatre Trust

Carnegie Institute of Technology

Cavenagh Theatre Incorporated

Chameleon Theatre

Civic Theatre

Cowra Musical and Dramatic Society Inc

Epicentre Theatre Company

Free-Rain Theatre Company

Freewheels Theatre Company

Genesian Theatre Company Inc

Geraldine Willesee

Goulburn Lieder Theatre Company

Graduate Dramatic Society GRADS

Holroyd Musical and Dramatic Society

HotHouse Theatre

Hunter Valley Theatre Company

Illawarra Theatre Guild

Javeenbah Theatre Company

La Mama Theatre

Melbourne City Council

Melbourne International Festival Of The Arts

Melbourne University Student Theatre

Melville Theatre Company

Mitcham Repertory Group

Monash Teachers' College

National Theatre Inc.

New Moon Theatre Company

New South Wales Ministry of Cultural Activities

New Theatre (Sydney, N.S.W.)

Newcastle Repertory Theatre

Newcastle University

Nimrod Street Theatre Company Ltd

Nottingham Theatre Trust Ltd.

Opera Australia

Orange Theatre Company

Pepsico Summerfare

Picton Theatre Group Inc.

Railway Street Theatre Company

Repertory 200

Royal Queensland Theatre Company

Smart Arts Theatrics

St John's College HSC Drama Students

The Arts Council of Australia

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Basin Theatre Group

The Belgrade Theatre Trust (Coventry) Ltd.

The Birmingham Repertory Company

The Negro Ensemble Company

The Playwrights' Company

The Salisbury Arts Theatre Ltd.

The Sheffield Repertory Company Ltd

The Singapore Arts Festival

The South Australian Theatre Company Inc.

The Theatre Guild

The Therry Dramatic Society Inc.

The Wolverhampton Repertory Company

University of Queensland Students

Victoria State Opera

Villanova Players Incorporated

Wollongong Workshop Theatre

Ray Lawler - Playwright, Actor, Writer

Anne Fraser - Set Designer, Scenic Artist, Designer, Costume Designer

Ethel Gabriel - Actor, Producer

John Sumner - Director, Producer

Ben Gabriel - Actor

Patsy King - Actor

Margaret Roberts - Actor

Malcolm Robertson - Actor, Director

Patricia Hill - Actor

Jamieson Lewis - Lighting Designer

Robyn Nevin - Director, Actor

Peter Aanensen - Actor

Lois Ramsey - Actor

David Copping - Stage Manager

Ian Cookesley - Production Manager

Max Lambert - Composer

Tony Tripp - Designer

Robert Colligan - Assistant Stage Manager

Will Thompson - Stage Director

Valerie Bader - Actor

June Jago - Actor

Sophie Lee - Actor

Tony Pavey-Smith - Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager

Genevieve Picot - Actor

Fred Whitlock - Actor

Tom Considine - Actor

Anthony Phelan - Actor

Madge Ryan - Actor

Lea Trowbridge - Assistant Stage Manager

Kenneth Warren - Actor

Fenella Maguire - Actor

Ronald Denson - Director, Stage Manager

Greg Diamantis - Tour Manager, Stage Manager

Nigel Levings - Lighting Designer

John Llewellyn - Actor

Richard Pratt - Actor

Joan Coombe - Actor

Letty Craydon - Actor

Peter Curtin - Actor

Vaughan Tracey - Actor

Neil Melville - Actor

Carole Skinner - Actor

Richard Wherrett - Director

Kris Aspinall - Tour Manager

Steve Bisley - Actor

Rob Dallas - Stage Manager

Nadine Garner - Actor

Tom Gutteridge - Assistant Director

Tom Healey - Assistant Director

Jacklyn Kelleher - Actor

Sarah Kernot - Tour Manager

Genevieve Lemon - Actor

Frank Lilley - Technician

Bo Maslen - Costume Co-ordinator

Harold Minear - Director

Gerard Montgomery - Actor

Kerry Saxby - Sound Designer

Joanne Thiele - Assistant Stage Manager

Brian Thomson - Set Designer, Designer

Geraldine Turner - Actor

Neil Armfield - Director

Elsie Beyer - General Manager, Stage Manager

Wendy Black - Set Designer, Designer

Paul Charlier - Sound Designer

Shane Connor - Actor

Damien Cooper - Lighting Designer

Mac Dick - Scenic Artist

Susanna Dowling - Assistant Director

Kaarin Fairfax - Actor

Dale Ferguson - Costume Designer

Julie Forsyth - Actor

Michael Fuller - Fight Director

Harold Hopkins - Actor

Bill Hunter - Actor

Alan John - Composer

Roma Johnston - Actor

Peter Kaukas - Stage Manager

Steve Le Marquand - Actor

Audine Leith - Actor

Lewis Luton - Actor

Jean-Pierre Mignon - Director

Daphne Miller - Actor

Ralph Myers - Set Designer

Richard Roberts - Designer

Gillian Seamer - Actor

Rob Steele - Actor

Tim Sullivan - Actor

Helen Thomson - Actor

David Wilson - Photographer

Judith Alexander - Stage Manager

Christine Amor - Actor

Lloyd Berrell - Actor

Michael Bishop - Actor

Ron Blair - Director

Maggie Blinco - Actor

Geordie Brookman - Director

Olivia Brown - Actor

Shirley Cameron - Actor

Elizabeth Campbell - Actor, Singer

Elena Carapetis - Actor

Peter Carver - Actor

Melody Cooper - Costume Designer

Ruth Cracknell - Actor

Celia de Burgh - Actor

Sarah de Jong - Sound Designer

David Downer - Actor

Peter Drake - Actor

Lizzy Falkland - Actor

Michele Fawdon - Actor

Rhoda Felgate - Director

Rodney Fisher - Director

Harold French - Director

Colin Friels - Actor

Brian Gareh - Lighting Operator

Alice Garner - Actor

Geoffrey Goldsmith - Actor

Peter Goldsworthy - Librettist

Sandy Gore - Actor

Reg Gorman - Actor

Quentin Grant - Composer

Chris Hallam - Director

Eilene Hannan - Singer, Actor

James Higgins - Actor

Jane Hilary - Actor

Joan Holcombe - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Irene Inescort - Actor

Marion Johns - Actor

Natalie Jones - Singer, Actor

Patricia Jones - Actor

Russell Kiefel - Actor

Julie Kirby - Costume Maker, Actor

Bruno Knez - Director

David LePage - Actor

Robin Lovejoy - Stage Director

Julie Lynch - Costume Designer

Kerrie Macarthur - Assistant to the Designer

Christine Mahoney - Actor

Annabel Matheson - Actor

Duncan Maxwell - Fight Director

Christopher McClean - Actor

Alethea McGrath - Actor

Travis McMahon - Actor

Richard Mills - Conductor, Composer

Heather Mitchell - Actor

Marlene Murray - Stage Manager

Bruce Myles - Actor

Deidre Nicholson - Actor

Myra Noblett - Actor

Wendy Noel - Stage Manager

Michelle O'Grady - Actor

Dorothy O'Neill - Actor

Raymond Omodei - Director

Tim Overton - Actor

Jo Peoples - Actor

Gordon Petrie - Stage Manager

Jacqy Phillips - Actor

Christopher Pitman - Actor

TJ Power - Actor

Kenneth Riddington - Stage Manager

Peter Roehlen - Production Manager

Gary Rowley - Singer, Actor

Pip Runciman - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Barry Ryan - Singer, Actor

Gary Samolin - Actor

Bridget Samuel - Assistant Stage Manager

Alan Schneider - Director

Melanie Selwood - Stage Manager

Penelope Shelton - Actor

Paul Sonkilla - Actor

Harry Tawse - Assistant Stage Manager

Alana Thompson - Assistant Director, Director

Rory Walker - Actor

Alison Whyte - Actor

Eloise Winestock - Actor

Hilary Winzar - Assistant Stage Manager

Ruth Yaffe - Actor

John Adams - Director

Amanda Aitken - Actor

Scott Allan - Actor

Linden Allen - Actor

Ross Anderson - Actor

Carol Armstrong - Actor

Troy Armstrong - Designer

Barbara Arnall - Producer

Tony Ashcroft - Special Effects

Cilla Aslanidis - Stage Manager

Barbara Atkinson - Actor

Sandra Ayache - Lighting Designer

John Ayliffe - Actor

Kerrie Bailey - Actor

Chris Baker - Actor

Jill Baker - Actor

Don Barker - Actor

Rosemary Barr - Actor

John Barrett - Actor

Don Batchelor - Director

Heddie Bates - Actor

Peter Batey - Stage Director

David Bean - Actor

Glenda Bean - Actor

Micki Beckett - Actor

Michael Behr - Actor

Michael Beint - Actor

Blazey Best - Actor

Malcolm Billings - Actor, Assistant Stage Manager

Paul Bishop - Actor

Audrey Blaxland - Actor, Director

Alan Bodenham - Actor

Nicola Bond - Director

Peter Bowles - Actor

Leo Bradley - Set Designer

Jonathan Brand - Actor

Carol Brands - Sound Designer

Edo Brands - Sound Designer

Mandy Bransgrove - Actor

Steph Brewster - Actor

Gertha Brock - Costume Designer

Bunney Brooke - Actor

Diana Brown - Actor

Susie Brown - Actor

Robert Bruning - Actor

Bruce Buchanan - Director

Keith Buckley - Actor

Christopher Bullock - Stage Manager

Edward Burbridge - Set Designer

Hayden Burgoyne - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Jenny Burke - Actor

Theo Burnes - Actor

Carol Burns - Actor

Norman Bush - Actor

Chris Butler - Assistant Director

Patsy Byrne - Actor

Terry Byrnes - Designer

Jeremy Callaghan - Actor

Edmund Cambridge - Director

David Cameron - Actor

Michael Cameron - Actor

Liz Campbell - Dramaturg

Margaret Canning - Actor

Alinta Carroll - Actor

Trevor Carroll - Set Designer

Susan Carveth - Actor

Alan Cassell - Actor

John Cater - Actor

Pearl Catlin - Actor

Bill Charlton - Actor

Glen Christie - Actor

Stephen Clark - Director

Greg Clarke - Designer

James L Clarke - Tour Manager

Faith Clayton - Actor

Kaye Clayton - Costume Designer

Cathie Clelland - Director

Roger Clissold - Director

Gordon Cole - Actor

Ben Collins - Composer

Samantha Collins - Costume Designer

Susan Collins - Concert Master

Sydney Conabere - Actor

Barbara Conner - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Gary Conwell - Actor

Colleen Cook - Actor

Jean Cowen - Actor

Derrick Cox - Designer

Audrey Coyle - Actor

Louise Crosby - Assistant Stage Manager

Max Cullen - Actor

John Cummins - Singer

Yvonne Cunningham - Actor

Gabrielle Dallas - Actor

Annemaree Dalziel - Costume Designer

Diana Davidson - Actor

Sharon Davis - Actor

June Dawes - Actor

Liz De Totth - Actor

Belinda Delaney - Actor

Isobel Denholm - Actor

Diana Dewes - Designer

Neville Dewis - Set Designer

Derek Dowding - Actor

Noel S Dowling - Stage Manager

Rowena Doyle - Actor

Craig Drayton - Actor

Angela Drewer - Actor

Betty Druitt - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Jeanie Dryden - Actor

Carmel Dunn - Actor

Max Dupain - Photographer

Pamela Eagleson - Director

Larry Eastwood - Designer

Bobbie Edmonds - Set Designer

Bryan Edward - Production Manager

Andrew Edwards - Actor

Ann Edwards - Stage Manager

Sandra Eldridge - Actor

Frank Ellis - Actor

Lynne Ellis - Actor

Julianne English - Actor

Marcus Eyre - Actor

Diana Fairfax - Actor

Judi Farr - Actor

Melissa Farrell - Actor

Leonard Feldman - Set Designer

Monica Fernan - Stage Manager

Noel Ferrier - Actor

Frank Finlay - Actor

Len Fisher - Electrician

Barbara Fitzgerald - Actor

Rosalie Fletcher - Actor

John Flint - Actor

Sheila Florance - Actor

Alan Flower - Actor

Margaret Forte - Properties Master

Alan Foss - Actor

Frances Foster - Actor

Jullian Foster - Lighting Designer

Myra Frances - Actor

George Fredericks - Designer

Nanette Frew - Director

Linda Friedlob - Actor

Edward Furby - Costume Designer

Skye Gallagher - Actor

Robert Gallaway - Actor

George Galloway - Sound Operator/Engineer

Vivienne Garrett - Actor

Colin George - Lighting Designer

Melanie George - Actor

Mary-Anne Gifford - Director

James Gillhouley - Producer

Trevlyn Gilmour - Lighting Designer

Dennis Glenny - Actor

David Goddard - Designer

Fred Goddard - Actor

Peter Goers - Director

Barry J. Gordon - Actor

Michael Gow - Playwright

Kate Graham - Stage Manager

Max Grant - Director

John Gray - Producer

Robyn Greenwell - Set Designer

Clinton Greyn - Actor

Walter Grkovic - Actor

Dennis Grosvenor - Actor

Maxine Grubel - Actor

Pam Guerin - Wardrobe Master / Mistress

Nigel Guest - Sound Designer

Moses Gunn - Actor

Arvind Gupta - Sound Designer

Jennifer Hales - Actor

Penny Hall - Assistant Stage Manager

Baldwin Halldorsson - Director

Lajos Hamers - Actor

Gabrielle Hamilton - Actor

Irene Hamilton - Actor

Penni Hamilton-Smith - Actor

Kevin Hanily - Stage Manager

Jane Harders - Actor

Gabi Harding - Actor

Peter Hardy - Actor

Laura Harrison - Sound Operator/Engineer

Wayne Harrison - Director

Frank Hatherley - Director

Fiona Hawke - Actor

Bill Haydon - Actor

Barry Hayes - Director

Roger Heathcott - Actor

June Helmers - Actor

Bernard Hensler - Actor

Peter Henson - Actor

Brett Hicken - Designer

Lisa Hickey - Actor

Julie Hicks - Lighting Operator

Crissie Higgins - Stage Manager

David Hill - Actor

Jude Hines - Director

James Hoare - Actor

John Hockley - Actor

Kolet Hodgson - Costume Maker

Eric Hoek - Assistant Stage Manager

Michele Hogan - Actor

Frankie J. Holden - Actor

Janet Hollander - Actor

Gordon Horswell - Tour Manager

Elaine Hudson - Director

Paul Hunter - Lighting Designer

Alex Hurford - Assistant Stage Manager

Rodney Hutton - Actor

Joy Irvine - Director

Denis Irving - Lighting Designer

James Jablonski - Lighting Designer

Sue Jackman - Actor

Kevin Jackson - Director

Melissa Jaffer - Actor

Lloyd James - Make-up Artist

William Jay - Actor

Margo Jenkins - Actor

Craig Johnston - Stage Manager

Kevan Johnston - Actor

Beryl Johnstone - Actor

Jonathan Johnstone - Actor

Bethany Jones - Actor

Colwyn Jones - Actor

James Kable - Actor

Claudia Karvan - Actor

Eleanor Kay - Actor

Clarissa Kaye - Actor

Bruce Keller - Actor

Elizabeth Kelly - Actor

John Kelly - Actor

Robert Kemp - Designer

Laura Keneally - Actor

Steven Kennedy - Actor

Caroline Kennison - Actor

Simon Kenway - Chorus Master/Mistress

Mark King - Set Designer

Melissa King - Actor

Peter Kingston - Director

Martin Kinnane - Lighting Designer

H. G. Kippax - Reviewer

Peter Kirkwood - Director

Peter Knapman - Actor

Eloise Knight - Director

Stephen Knutsen - Lighting Designer

Jacqueline Kott - Actor

Peter Kowitz - Actor

Nina Landis - Actor

Bev Langford - Actor

Sam Lavery - Actor

Meagan Lawson - Actor

Dominic Leadbetter - Actor

Nicole Leary - Actor

Lorelle Lee - Set and/or Property Maker

Margo Lee - Actor

Malcolm Leech - Stage Manager

Valerie Lehman - Actor

Betty Leone - Sound Designer, Composer

Meryl Levy - Costume Designer

Renate Lincoln - Stage Manager

Maria Linger - Stage Manager

Bayes Lloyd - Properties Master

Emma Lockhart-Wilson - Actor

Elizabeth Losurdo - Stage Manager

Joe MacColum - Director

Ann Madden - Properties Master

Paul Makeham - Actor

David Mann - Actor

Jenny Manners - Actor

Henry Manning - Actor

Jean Marshall - Director

Peter Marshall - Actor

Gillian Martell - Actor

Vivienne Martin - Actor

Derek Martinus - Director

Angie Mason - Costume Designer

Amy Mathews - Actor

Amy Matthews - Actor

Val May - Director

Jack Mayers - Actor

Zibba Mays - Actor

Gill McBride - Lighting Operator

Phil McCall - Actor

Julia McCarthy - Actor

Andrew McFarlane - Actor

Brent McGregor - Director

Bruce McKinven - Designer

Marc McLeish - Lighting Designer, Sound Designer

Lesley McLennan - Actor

James McMahon - Actor

Andrew Meadows - Lighting Designer

David Meadows - Director

Sean Mee - Director

Robyn Mettam - Costume Designer

Frances Milat - Actor

Dennis Miller - Actor

Gillian Minervini - Production Manager

Adam Mitchell - Director

Alistair Mitchell - Costume Designer

Rick Mitchell - Lighting Designer

Nicholas Mitsakis - Actor

Jeanne Mockford - Actor

Bill Moran - Assistant Stage Manager

Cherry Morris - Actor

John Morris - Actor

Liz Morris - Actor

Leigh Morrisey - Director, Actor

Pamela Morrissey - Actor

Bill Morton - Stage Manager

Sarah Morton - Set Designer

Judith Mountford - Actor

Robert Muir - Stage Manager

Kate Murray - Actor

Mick Mykyta - Set and/or Property Maker

Luise Napier - Assistant Director

Gwen Neeson - Actor

Jake Newby - Lighting Designer

Sian Newey - Actor

Vicki Newman - Costume Maker, Assistant Designer

Brian Nickless - Designer

Tyrone Noonan - Sound Designer

Donald Norris - Stage Manager

Alan North - Stage Manager

Shaunna O'Grady - Actor

Gary O'Neil - Director

Moya O'Sullivan - Actor

Elizabeth Olsson - Stage Manager

Liz Pain - Lighting Designer

Kevin Palmer - Actor

Lewis Palter - Director

Nita Pannell - Actor

Frank Parker - Actor

Grant Parker - Costume Designer

Richard Parkhill - Lighting Designer

Geoff Parry - Actor

Frederick Parslow - Stage Manager

Mary Pascoe - Actor

Lisa Peers - Actor

Kelton Pell - Actor

Jill Perryman - Actor

Fred Peters - Actor

Hazel Plant - Director

Coralie Plush - Actor

Susie Porter - Actor

Edward Poulter - Stage Manager

Anella Powell - Actor

Shirley Prendergast - Lighting Designer

Kate Price - Producer

Richard Prins - Set Designer

Shanna Provost - Production Manager

Maria Prus - Actor

Angela Punch McGregor - Actor

May Pusey - Actor

Alison Pyper - Actor

Nyree Pyper - Actor

Saul Radomsky - Designer

Irene Ramsey - Costume Designer

Norah Raslan - Make-up Artist

John Rayment - Lighting Designer

Tracey Rice - Stage Manager

Keith Richards - Director

Margaret Ricketts - Director

Wynn Roberts - Actor

Tim Robinson - Actor

Esther Rolle - Actor

Peter Roper - Stage Manager

Pamela Rosenberg - Director

Andrew Ross - Designer

Michael Rutherford - Actor

Robyn Ryan - Costume Designer

David Sadgrove - Actor

Sam Salmon - Actor

Zella Sandy - Actor

Lindy Sardelic - Actor

John Saunders - Director

Allison Scharber - Actor

Nick Schlieper - Lighting Designer

Robin Schmelzkopf - Actor

Juliet Scrine - Actor

Peter Scrine - Actor

Nicholas Selby - Actor

Fiona Shannon - Actor

David Sharpe - Director

Lucinda Shaw-Lamont - Designer

Ben Shephard - Actor, Producer

Barry Shepherd - Actor

Ellen Shipley - Production Manager

Emelia Simcox - Set Designer

Barrie Smith - Actor

Daniel Smith - Actor

Philip Smith - Composer

Kelly Somes - Set Designer

Jane Southern - Stage Manager

Cheryl Sovechles - Actor

Mary Spencer - Actor

Brian Spink - Actor

Nick Spottiswoode - Set Designer

Ben Staver - Actor

Audrie Stern - Actor

Shane Stevens - Lighting Designer

Kaye Stevenson - Actor

Cherie Stewart - Lighting Designer

Matthew Stewart - Actor

Beverley Stobie - Actor

Ray Stocker - Director

Yael Stone - Actor

Candice Storey - Actor

Tony Strachan - Actor

Alex Sturman - Actor

Trent Suidgeest - Lighting Designer

Gillian Sullivan - Singer

Gillian Sullivan - Actor

Peter Sutherland - Stage Manager

Serge Tampalini - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Brian Taylor - Actor

Clarice Taylor - Actor

Dan Taylor - Actor

Kit Taylor - Actor

Leith Taylor - Actor

Mary Taylor - Actor

Ian Telford - Set Designer

Peter Telford - Lighting Designer

Dom Tennison - Actor

Patsy Thomas - Stage Manager

Maria Thompson - Actor

Mark Timson - Various

Nicholas Todorovic - Actor

Rosemary Towler - Actor

Maureen Tracey - Actor

Steven Trenerry - Stage Manager

Leonard Tucker - Lighting Designer

David Turnbull - Actor

Kenneth Turner - Set Designer

Alison Van Reeken - Actor

Ben Van Rijswijk - Lighting Designer

Melanie Van Til - Stage Manager

David van Vuuran - Actor

Steven Vidler - Actor

Mary Vincent - Actor

Bill Walker - Lighting Designer

Mervyn Walker - Lighting Designer

Charles Walsh - Actor

Alda Ward - Production Manager

Kelly Ward - Actor

Brian Wenzel - Actor

Hans Weverling - Set Designer

Cindy White - Actor

Rachel White - Costume Designer

Stanley Osbourne White - Lighting Designer

Judith Whitfield - Assistant Director

Julia Whittle - Assistant Producer

Phil Wilbraham - Actor

Margaret Wilbur - Actor

Ken Wilby - Designer

Leslie Wiles - Director

Geraldine Willesee - Producer

Clifford Williams - Director

Mark Wilmott - Set Designer

Gwladys Winfield - Director

Hattie Winston - Actor

Ray Withy - Lighting Operator

Scott Witt - Actor

Leo Wockner - Director

Patricia Woods - Actor

Sarah Woods - Actor

Stuart Wurtzel - Lighting Designer

Daniel Wyllie - Actor

John Zeder - Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Glen Street Theatre, Frenchs Forest, NSW

La Mama Theatre, Hindmarsh, SA

Glen Street Theatre, Frenchs Forest, NSW

Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Glen Street Theatre, Frenchs Forest, NSW

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Elizabethan Theatre, Newtown, NSW

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Playhouse Theatre, Perth, WA

Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA

Elizabethan Theatre, Newtown, NSW

The Hole in the Wall Theatre, Leederville, WA

The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC

Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

New South Wales, NSW

Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

Queens Park Theatre, Geraldton, WA

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Pymble Community Hall, Pymble, NSW

New South Wales, NSW

Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA

Queens Park Theatre, Geraldton, WA

Arts Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Union Hall, Adelaide, SA

Avalon Theatre, St Lucia, QLD

Union Theatre, Parkville, VIC

Avalon Theatre, St Lucia, QLD

Playhouse, Melbourne, VIC

Totem Theatre, Alice Springs, NT

Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton, England

George Jenkins Theatre, Frankston, VIC

Gold Coast Arts Centre, Surfers Paradise, QLD

Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, NSW

The Playhouse, Civic Square, ACT

Singapore, Singapore

Anthill Theatre, South Melbourne, VIC

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, England

The Arts Centre, Melbourne, VIC

Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills, NSW

Heath Ledger Theatre, Northbridge, WA

Arts Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

The Playhouse, Broken Hill, NSW

Broken Hill Town Hall, Broken Hill, NSW

Buderim War Memorial Hall, Buderim, QLD

Hibernian Hall, Cairns, QLD

Theatre 3, Acton, ACT

Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Gaiety Theatre, Dublin 2, Ireland

The Golders Green Hippodrome, Barnet, London, England

Carnegie Institute of Technology Theatre, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, United States of America

Browns Mart Theatre, Darwin, NT

Anzac House Auditorium, Sydney, NSW

Cowra Civic Centre, Cowra, NSW

Ku-ring-gai Town Hall, Pymble, NSW

Courtyard Studio, Civic Square, ACT

Woodbin Theatre, Geelong, VIC

Geelong, Geelong, VIC

Kent Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Seymour Centre, Chippendale, NSW

The Lieder Theatre, Goulburn, NSW

The New Dolphin Theatre, Crawley, WA

Albury Convention and Performing Arts Centre, Albury, NSW

Playhouse, Newcastle, NSW

Rockdale Town Hall, Rockdale, NSW

Nerang Community Hall, Nerang, QLD

Roundhouse Theatre, Kelvin Grove, QLD

La Boite Theatre, Milton, QLD

Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS

The Capital - Bendigo's Performing Arts Centre, Bendigo, VIC

Ford Theatre, Geelong, VIC

Centennial Theatre, Kalgoorlie, WA

Roy Edinger Centre, Palmyra, WA

Victoria, VIC

Monash Teachers' College, Clayton, VIC

Mackay Entertainment Centre, Mackay, QLD

New Theatre, Newtown, NSW

Newcastle Repertory Theatre, Lambton, NSW

Nimrod Street Theatre, Darlinghurst, NSW

Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire County, England

Opera Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Orange Civic Theatre, Orange, NSW

Wollondilly Shire Hall, Picton, NSW

Matthew Flinders Theatre, Bedford Park, SA

Pioneer Memorial Hall, Seacombe Gardens, SA

Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, Bunbury, WA

The Old Church Hall, Pymble, NSW

Independent Theatre, North Sydney, NSW

AMP Theatrette, Circular Quay, NSW

Playhouse, South Bank, QLD

SGIO Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Riverina Playhouse, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Various Venues Around Brisbane, Brisbane area, QLD

Mittagong Playhouse, Mittagong, NSW

St John's College Lecture Theatre, Dandenong, VIC

Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide, SA

South Australia, SA

Pepsico Summerfare New York, New York, New York, United States of America

Drama Theatre (Sydney Opera House), Sydney, NSW

Rialto Theatre, West End, QLD

Darwin Town Hall, Darwin, NT

Batchelor, Batchelor, NT

Pine Creek, Pine Creek, NT

Katherine, Katherine, NT

Tennant Creek, Tennant Creek, NT

Alice Springs, Alice Springs, NT

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Clare, Clare, SA

Yorketown, Yorketown, SA

Minlaton, Minlaton, SA

Maitland, Maitland, SA

Wallaroo, Wallaroo, SA

Waikerie, Waikerie, SA

Angaston, Angaston, SA

Berri, Berri, SA

Barmera, Barmera, SA

Renmark, Renmark, SA

Woomera, Woomera, SA

Port Lincoln, Port Lincoln, SA

Port Augusta, Port Augusta, SA

Whyalla, Whyalla, SA

The Fireside Theatre, Garden City, New York, United States of America

Coronet Theatre, New York, New York, United States of America

Theatre Royal, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire County, England

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland

Basin Theatre, Mt Dandenong, VIC

Birmingham Repertory Theatre (1971-), Birmingham, England

Moora Town Hall, Moora, WA

Southern Cross Town Hall, Southern Cross, WA

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, WA

St. Marks Playhouse, New York, New York, United States of America

Grand Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand

Salisbury Playhouse(-1976), Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Sheffield Playhouse, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

New Theatre, London, Greater London, England

Little Theatre, Adelaide, SA

Alexander Theatre, Clayton, VIC

Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England

Albert Hall, Brisbane, QLD

F T Barrell Auditorium, Yeronga State High School, Annerley, QLD

Williamstown Little Theatre, Williamstown, VIC

Williamstown Mechanics Institute, Williamstown, VIC

Wollongong Workshop Theatre, Wollongong, NSW

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