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Title Measure_Slide7
Creator Contributors
Heidrun Lohr, Photographer
(L-R) Regina Heilmann, Rolando Ramos
Related Events
The Measure, UTS Performance Space, Sydney, NSW, 7 March 1995
The Measure, Forrest Place, Perth, WA, 6 March 1995
The Measure, Various University Campuses, NSW, 2 March 1993
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Holding Institution Macquarie University Library
Rights Holder Sidetrack Performance Group
Access Rights Permission granted by Sidetrack Performance Group
Language English
Format JPEG2000; 3889 x 3553 pixels; Colour
Digital resource held in the Sidetrack Performance Group Digital Archive at Macquarie University Library.
Heidrun Lohr, Measure_Slide7, Macquarie University Library
Resource Identifier 39004