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Title Adios_Cha_Cha_1
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Chooi Tan
(L-R) Gabriela Cabral, Jai McHenry, Robin Laurie as bourgeois guests. Their 'partners' are fabric sculpted heads -stick frames, designed and constructed by Anne Ratty
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Adios Cha Cha, Lend Lease Technology Space, Adelaide, SA, 27 February 1986
Adios Cha Cha, Church Theatre, Hawthorn, VIC, 6 February 1986
Adios Cha Cha, Through Arts United Community Theatre, Braddon, ACT, 5 December 1985
Adios Cha Cha, Yoogali Club, Griffith, NSW, 4 December 1985
Adios Cha Cha, Wagga RSL Club, Wagga Wagga, NSW, 3 December 1985
Adios Cha Cha, Freewheels Theatre Hall, Newcastle, NSW, 26 November 1985
Adios Cha Cha, The Performance Space, Redfern, NSW, 30 August 1985
Adios Cha Cha, Parramatta Town Hall, Parramatta, NSW, 7 June 1985
Adios Cha Cha, Various NSW Schools, NSW Region, NSW, 15 April 1985
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Chooi Tan, Adios_Cha_Cha_1, Macquarie University Library
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