Event The Queen's Silver Jubilee Gala Youth Performance Programme
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Venue Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA
First Date 27 April 1978
Dates Estimated No
Status Professional Training Schools/Colleges
World Premiere No
Description Source Programme
Primary Genre Music
St Peter's Cathedral Choir, Choir
Queen's Silver Jubilee Youth Orchestra, Orchestra
University of Adelaide Brass Ensemble, Musical Group
Pembroke Girl's Choir, Choir
Name Function Notes
Phillip Cook Bassist
Andrew Dean Bassist
Robin Sanderson Bassist
Lyn Barrington Cellist
Michael Bartholomaeus Cellist
Beverley Ellis Cellist
David Fairs Cellist
Pecker Guillermo Cellist
Alfred Hornung Cellist
Frances Massy-Westropp Cellist
Alison Middenway Cellist
Marion Middenway Cellist
Philip Pollett Cellist
Simon Robson Cellist
Anne Rodda Cellist
Peter Stoyel Cellist
Robert Stoyel Cellist
Tereze Svilans Cellist
David Veale Cellist
Helga Weigend Cellist
Richard Woods Cellist
Benjamin Britten Composer
Jeremiah Clarke Composer
Pablo de Sarasate Composer
Orlando Gibbons Composer
George Frideric Handel Composer
- Hartmeyer Composer
Zoltan Kodaly Composer
Franz Liszt Composer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Composer
Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov Composer
Tylman Susato Composer
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Composer
Brian Trant Composer
Jane Geeson Harpist
Rosemary Hallo Harpist
Elizabeth Azzopardi Musician Tubaist
Wayne Freer Musician Tubaist
Pip Giles Musician Hornist
Dittany Morgan Musician Hornist
Greg Pursche Musician Hornist
John White Musician Timpanist
Cathy Wright Musician Hornist
Donald Crook Percussionist
Tim Jones Percussionist
David Moulds Percussionist
Stephanie Wendt Pianist
Jeanette Russell Soprano
Janette Corbett Trombonist
Dennis Freeman Trombonist
Philip Saunderson Trombonist
Colin Doley Trumpeter
Gregory Frick Trumpeter
John Gould Trumpeter
John Gould Trumpeter
Mark Puddy Trumpeter
Margaret Arstall Violinist
Meredith Bamford Violinist
Jill Bartsch Violinist
Connie Beadell Violinist
Kathy Bluff Violinist
Julia Brittain Violinist
Sharon Campbell Violinist
Jill Canaway Violinist
Elisabeth Colens Violinist
Judy Coombe Violinist
Verity Cruikshank Violinist
Sue Currie Violinist
Michele Davis Violinist
Paul Ezergailis Violinist
Joanna Fairs Violinist
Agnes Feld Violinist
Judy Fletcher Violinist
Deborah Fox Violinist
Janet Gilby Violinist
Lisa Green Violinist
Erika Hornung Violinist
Erica Horvat Violinist
Mark Jenner Violinist
Sheryle Keats Violinist
Shirin Lim Violinist
Anne-Marie Meegan Violinist
Patrick Meegan Violinist
Leigh Middenway Violinist
Lucinda Munro Violinist
Leonore Murton Violinist
Shelley Murton Violinist
Meredith Robbins Violinist
Christine Ruiter Violinist
Minuk Sastrowardojo Violinist
Alan Smith Violinist
Victoria Sopen Violinist
Ingrid Wanger Violinist
Ronald Woodcock Violinist
Judith Arstall Violist
Simon Collins Violist
Josephine Deer Violist
Joy Dobson Violist
Barbara Hornung Violist
Paul King Violist
Paul King Violist
Alison Middenway Violist
Anne Rodda Violist
Tereze Svilans Violist
David Veale Violist
Helga Weigend Violist
Programme: The Queen's Silver Jubilee Gala Youth Performance Programme, University of Adelaide Library Special Collections
Data Source
Source Description
Programme University of Adelaide Library Theatre Collection
Event Identifier 82724