Contributor Charles Mingus
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Other Names Charlie
Gender Male
Nationality American
Date of Birth 22 April 1922
Date of Death 5 January 1979
Functions Composer, Musician
Notes Bassist. Born in Arizona. Died in Mexico.


Eleo Pomare - Choreographer, Costume Designer

Jennifer Barry - Dancer, Choreographer

Geoffrey Cichero - Dancer, Choreographer

Elizabeth Dalman - Choreographer, Dancer, Artistic Director, Director, Costume Designer

Delwyn Rouse - Dancer, Choreographer

Cathy Berberian - Singer, Composer

Luciano Berio - Composer

George Frideric Handel - Composer

Gillian Millard - Dancer

Harry Partch - Composer

Francois Rabbath - Composer

Peter Sculthorpe - Composer

Cheryl Stock - Dancer

Bert Terborgh - Dancer

Harry Belafonte - Composer

Janet Bridgland - Costume Designer

Clifford Brown - Composer

Ian Cugley - Composer

Don Ellis - Composer

Maxine Ewart - Dancer, Costume Designer

Paul Horn - Composer

Clifford Jordan - Composer

Elizabeth Cameron Dalman - Choreographer

Ron Carter - Composer

Ray Cook - Choreographer

Jozef Drewniak - Composer

Sylvan Elhay - Composer

Roberta Flack - Singer

Anni Fox - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Charles Grant - Dancer

Erik Griswold - Composer, Pianist

Silver Harris - Costume Designer, Set Designer

Joseph Haydn - Composer

Lynn Howard - Dancer

Reg Hurst - Costume Designer

Kan Ishii - Composer

Mahalia Jackson - Singer

Miroslav Kabelac - Composer

Kathy Keech - Dancer

Yaron Lifschitz - Creator

Nicolas Lyon - Composer

Eleanor Martin - Dancer

Chelsea McGuffin - Circus Style Performer

Ludwig Minkus - Composer

Michael Olatunji - Composer

Fred Payne - Composer

Henri Pousseur - Composer

Nicholas Pyrros - Set Designer

Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Composer

David Sampford - Performer

Erik Satie - Composer

Tony Strachan - Set Designer, Choreographer, Composer

Johann Strauss - Composer

Sandor Veress - Composer

Garth Welch - Choreographer

Jerry Wesley-Smith - Composer

Barry White - Composer

Debbie Whitford - Costume Designer

Australian Dance Theatre

The Beatles

Peter, Paul and Mary

J. C. Williamson Theatres Limited

North Melbourne Town Hall

Rock 'n' Roll Circus

Taipei City Government Education Bureau

Taiwan Ministry of Education

Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Australian Council for the Arts

The Government of South Australia

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