Contributor Peter Cushing
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Gender Male
Nationality English
Date of Birth 26 May 1913
Date of Death 11 August 1994
Functions Actor
Notes Born in Surrey, died in Kent.


James Bailey - Actor

Robert Beaumont - Actor

Eileen Beldon - Actor

George Cooper - Actor

Dan Cunningham - Actor

Tony Gavin - Actor

Oliver Hunter - Actor

Harold Ingram - Musical Director, Conductor, Composer

Vivien Leigh - Actor

Meg Maxwell - Actor

Bernard Merefield - Actor

Terence Morgan - Actor

Laurence Olivier - Actor, Producer

George Relph - Actor

Peggy Simpson - Actor

Hugh Stewart - Actor

Mercia Swinburne - Actor

Thomas Heathcote - Actor

Denis Lehrer - Actor

Anne McGrath - Actor

Derrick Penley - Actor

Jane Shirley - Actor

Cecil Beaton - Set Designer, Costume Designer

Andrée Howard - Choreographer

Richard Brinsley Sheridan - Playwright

John Barnard - Actor

Helen Beck - Actor

John Burrell - Producer

Roger Furse - Set Designer

Antony Hopkins - Composer

Georgina Jumel - Actor

Morris Kestleman - Set Designer

Herbert Menges - Composer

William Shakespeare - Playwright

Thornton Wilder - Playwright

Doris Zinkeisen - Costume Designer

John Sullivan - Lighting Designer

Michael Redington - Actor

D. D. O'Connor Pty Ltd

Old Vic Trust Limited

The Arts Council of Great Britain

The British Council

The Old Vic Company

David N. Martin Pty Ltd

J. C. Williamson Productions Ltd

The Garnet H. Carroll Management

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